Trekking is a multi-day excursion that can be to the lower altitude or the alpine altitude region. It will be certainly a countryside that include up and down trail.

Those, who love to do outdoor journey by walking, trekking is designed for you.

I've trekked/hiked/camped before - can't I guide myself? Trekking is an adventurous journey. It goes through the wilderness and to the high altitude region. Trekking with guide is beneficial in many cases: to trek safely, enjoying and with full of excitement, which may not be possible without guide. Even to communicate with local people or something that catches your attention will be easy to know about.

There are various trekking destinations in Nepal, from higher altitude to the lower altitude. Alpine trekking requires acclimatization and physical fitness. For those higher altitude is not suitable, can enjoy lower altitude trips. So trekking in Nepal is for all ages.

The difficulty of the trek depends on which trip are you doing. Generally high altitude trekking is difficult and it decreases in the lower altitude.

Previous trekking experience is not really necessary. But trekking higher requires acclimatization and previous trekking experiences help in this situation. Preparation

We have prepared the equipment list for all the specific treks on the package list. You can easily find it.

Where can I obtain a policy? Travel insurance helps you in emergency. In the high altitude trekking or other adventure activities, heli rescue is the ultimate solution. You should be confirmed with your insurance policy about the altitude it covers. We can help you in Nepal for the insurance, if you have not done in your country.

Spring and autumn are the best known trekking seasons in Nepal. The weather get clear and the view can be explored stunningly during this time. However, there are some of the regions that you can trek even at monsoon.

Generally, trekking goes through the National Parks or through the conservation areas. They require permits. We manage permits for you and you should not keep on thinking about it. 

Trekking FAQs

Climbing FAQs

Teahouse trekking is the form of accommodation during the trekking. It is an easy way to trek with lodge for lodging and food service.

You sleep in tents during the camping trekking. It is a broad form of trekking with full board equipment support by the trekking team, including food. 

You sleep in tents during the camping trekking. It is a broad form of trekking with full board equipment support by the trekking team, including food. 

Almost, the popular trekking trails have local lodge facilities for accommodation during trekking. 

In most of the trekking trails, mineral water can be bought. Another form is using purifying tab or liquids. Boiled water is supplied in the camping trek. 

It depends on the trekking. Generally, they include 2-4 week itinerary

The walking distance ranges from 5-15 kilometers depending upon the altitude and difficulty of the trail. 

In the mountainous regions, there are lodges that offer meals and accommodation services. Local dish with continental menu is available. Dal Bhat with curry and pickle is the typical meal. 

Well physical fitness is required for the trekking. If you have chronicle health issues, it may be difficult to go high altitude trekking. But for the easy treks, you can go. You should have a check-up and get your doctor’s advice before trekking.

Walking in the high altitude is tough due to the low oxygen level. It is easy to deal with this aspect with proper acclimatization, which we focus. We offer rest and acclimatizing days and do not offer a long walking days until it is mandatory. This increases your level of fitting in the high altitude and avoids acute mountain sickness. 

In the alpine region, the mix of cold level and sunrays can harm your skin and eyes. So, we suggest you to use sun block cream for your skin and UV ray protection glasses. 

We are aware of this fact. We apply all the emergency procedure like first aid, acclimatization and other preparations. In case of injuries, it depends on the level of emergency. We apply heli rescue as the ultimate form of evacuation, for which you need to have travel insurance.  

We are glad to tell you that there is no point about safety for the solo female travelers. Our guides are trained to give you security sense and you can travel confidently. 

Flight cancellation in Lukla depends on the weather condition. In case the flight gets cancelled, it can be postponed for the following day. You need to have extra days for this. Heli charter service is another option for this. If you wait for the next day flight, you need to cover the food and accommodation for the extra day out of our itinerary. 

Generally porters carry 15-20 kg baggage in the trekking. it can be more in altitude trekking. 

Tips to guide and porters are not mandatory, but always expected. It helps them to run their lives more bitterly. 

We organize fully inclusive trek. But you have to bring some money to buy drinks or some snacks or any other things that you love to bring back. 

Due to the rapid development in communication, telephone and handy services are available in many parts of Nepal. You can also use internet by mobile data. Communications are being easier in the rural areas. 

We do not charge extra but have to pay for the service you use. 

In this case we can’t offer refunds. Sometimes, trekkers finish the trek early than intended or can’t complete due to their personal causes. In some situation, we may offer you alternative journey, but it is not always the same.


In the situation you have to cancel your trip, we refund your paid amount deducting the cancellation charge with 20%. 


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