About Index Adventure

Why Travel with Index Adventure

The tourism industry is driven by articulate skills and passionate individuals, at Index adventure a team of such individuals work daily to provide an experience that excels any expectation. With over two decades of experience, this purely Nepali owned team of adventure operators have traced the Himalayas multiple times, giving them ample amounts of credibility, knowledge, and skills. Every journey starts with a purpose, the group of leaders at Index adventure take responsibility for filling yours, making your exploration from start to finish a resourceful one. Our goal is to present Nepal in such a manner that it leaves a lasting impression on you; one that you relieve over and over again, one that you share with your loved ones at home. 

Our dedication to showcasing Nepal in such a manner has led to our team working hard to deliver a service that is efficient, fast, safe and compassionate. A journey such as this one does not just require automated directions and procedures but also an emotional connection where we patiently answer any of your queries and try to mitigate issues if any. Here at Index Adventure, we want our quality of service do the talking, form a base of indication of how committed we are to you.

The goal of Index adventure is to be the number one adventure travel company in Nepal, our founder hence has traveled to countries like India, Tibet, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and countless European nations collecting hospitality practices. His global exposure has allowed him to establish a company that continuously strives to paint a positive picture of Nepal to the world through our service.

We provide varied kinds of trekking practices to our clients, our services are designed in a manner that it will appeal to both moderate and high adventure seekers. Along with providing a chance for clients to engage in a few adventure sports, we also feature trekking to some of the more popular routes such an Annapurna, Everest and Langtang region. Additionally, we also extend our service to Tibet and Bhutan which goes through Nepal.

Although travel to these areas may be a little challenging sometimes, we are happy to announce that all of our guides have years of experience, a certified skill set and emotional intelligence behind them, allowing for your adventure to happen in a comfortable and smooth manner. Hence, choose us for unmatched dedication and service and we won’t disappoint you!