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Trekking is a popular choice for many travelers who flock to Nepal, whether it is alpine rigged icy regions or exploring ancient communities we provide packages for all. Versatility in our packages includes popular destinations such as the Everest Region and recently popularized places like Langtang Region. Trekking is a great way to explore the country because you get to fully immerse in the areas, each rest stop and path tells a different story. It is also an ideal way to experience the local culture, most of these village settlements in the area are full of rich ancient history, often influenced neighboring nations like Tibet.

However, the most striking reason for choosing trekking would be the vantage point it provides to the many peaks in Nepal. It is truly a surreal experience to be sitting in Kalapatthar viewing the Himalayan range from the Everest base camp. Trekking through the Striking Mountains in Nepal is a life-changing experience for many and we are here to make this possibility a reality for you.


Tours can be carefully tailored down to your liking, either the bustling city tours of the capital or the longer travels to base camps around we have it all. An advantage of tours is the ability for you to know more about the cultural and historical past of the country if you are an enthusiast for such things this perfect for you.

 Tours In Nepal rigged with Hindu temples, Tibetan prayer flags Nepal's ability to embrace all cultures and religion will amount to a beautiful experience of acceptance and respect. However, at Index Adventure we do further and also give you the opportunity to travel to countries like Tibet and Bhutan, both close neighbors to Nepal, the countries also hold some of the highest peaks. The other features of traveling to these nations include their strong Buddhist heritage, their different way of living life, and their thriving cities. Some of the possible tours include Kathmandu city tour, Buddhist tour, luxury tour, Lhasa city tour, and Wildlife tour and more, here there is something for everybody.

Adventure Sport

While other countries spent millions constructing adventure parks, in Nepal, it is Nature made. A haven for any adrenaline seekers, Nepal is ideal for some exciting sports such as white water rafting and bungee jumping. However, saying there are adventures just for thrill seekers would be an understatement, the country provides tons of versatility for any travelers looking to give adventure sport a try.

Additionally, due to the many waterfalls, peaks, plains there are air, land, and water sports one could try. Furthermore, all these activities are done without the confinement of pillar concrete but instead of free-flowing nature, cannoning in real waterfalls, soaring skies paragliding while getting a view of the majestic mountains. But, for those who enjoy more subdued activities, we also have biked through the plains, jungle safaris and Heli tours that only requires you to take in nature leisurely.

Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing in Nepal is highly accessible, meaning it requires little or no experience. However, one does advise that you get prepared for the journey as it can be strenuous sometimes. While the obvious example for peak climbing is the Mt Everest, Nepal has 1310 peaks of which one third are open for mountaineering expeditions.

In these peaks, you will see a high prevalence of trekking peaks ranging in the height 5587m to 6500m which is open to any fit personnel. The ranges and availability of many peaks in the country make Nepal a Nation friendly for both experienced climbers and newbies. Smaller peaks only require a small amount of equipment’s for the climb, however, all of this will be informed by our workforce. If you attempt your peak climbing with us, rest assured that your adventure will be safe and well-informed. Our staff members will take it upon themselves to help you climb these monuments by educating you on how you should use your equipment’s, what expectations to hold throughout the journey so you are informed when you make the decision to climb up. Some of these peaks you could enjoy include Mt Cholatse, Mt Lobuche West, and Mt. Larkya among the other popular ones.