Nepal is considered to be a major hub for fast-river rafting. With multiple choices for rivers and starting points according to convenience, people opt for this place. Rafting in itself is an adventurous experience. The thrill of sailing along the rapids with the sole purpose of beating it provides the ultimate adrenaline rush to most. As you move along the fast flowing waters, the landscape around you, including the fields and the green hills, will make up for a beautiful view.

Trishuli River is a classic site for river rafting. One of the most popular sites for rafting in Nepal, this river is well equipped with waves that are ideal for a beginner or an intermediate. The starting point for Trishuli River Rafting is not far away from Kurintar, thus the cable cars which go up to the hill towards Manakamana Temple is clearly visible along the way.

Bhote Koshi, on the other hand, is one of the more challenging rafting sites. This is due to the level of the rapids than compared to other rafting sites of Nepal. The starting point of this route is Baseri, which is a 4-hour drive away from the capital city of Kathmandu. Bhote Koshi is also one of the shorter routes for rafting, yet the intensity is higher. This is more suited for an intermediate or an expert who wants to challenge themselves and provide a new adrenaline high.

Index Adventure has brought you this trip in order for you to experience the rafting culture of Nepal. With two of the major rafting sites of the country included in the itinerary, we aim to provide you with the best experience while rafting along the rapids. Index Adventure has also given special regards to safety and will provide an experienced guide along with you who will lead you through your adventure.