The diversified topography and climate of Nepal create perfect accommodation for bizarre wildlife thus, making Nepal a center for the Jungle Safari. Jungle Safari In Nepal takes you to Chitwan National Park and Bardia National park of Nepal conserving hundreds of endangered wildlife. Situated in the lowlands of south-central Nepal it is home to more than 500 species of birds and 700 species of wildlife. Visit elephant breeding center, chance to experience elephant safari, canoe ride, bird watching, and an insight into the rich Tharu culture are the special features of this tour. The tour can be operated throughout the year and anyone can go on the tour.

A jungle safari consists of a trip taken around certain lands or forests in order to observe the flora and fauna local to the particular place. These kinds of trips provide a wonderful opportunity to witness wildlife in their natural habitat which otherwise would be impossible. Also, the wonderful breath of fresh air in the midst of rich forests, away from the crowds of the city is something many people dream of.

One of the most prominent places of Jungle Safari in Nepal is Chitwan National Park. Located in the district of Chitwan from which it derives its name from, this place gained popularity for the presence and preservation of the endangered one-horned rhinoceros. Not only animal watching, Chitwan is also rich in bird population with a number of resident and migrant birds drawn to the shores of Rapti River.

Bardiya National Park is the larger of the two national parks and offers a wider range of biodiversity to view. Lying on the banks of Karnali River, the biodiversity of this land includes one-horned rhinoceros, Asiatic elephant, Gangetic dolphins and Gharial crocodile amongst some. Beautiful forests of Sal covers almost the entirety of the rich lands. The villages around both the national parks are inhabited by the Tharu community who are local to these regions. The Tharu community has a fascinating culture which you will be able to witness on your arrival as well as throughout the trip. You can also interact with the locals, which will help you gain perspective on the land and its people.

Index Adventure has brought you this unique experience of Jungle Safari in two different prominent locations of Nepal. The itinerary has been planned with extreme focus given to time management and efficiency. Index Adventure guarantees an exciting trip, which will also bring you closer to nature giving you a basic outlook of the biodiversity of the particular region.