Langtang region offering an absolute natural beauty and off the beaten path trekking trail alongside an exclusive experience of rich Tamang culture has been able to set remarkable footprints in the tourism industry. It also bestows an opportunity to explore Nepal’s second largest national park. Langtang National Park which preserves hundreds of endangered animals and more than 250 species of birds. Mt. Langtang Lirung (7,234m) is the highest point of this region so you must be physically appropriate to complete the peak climbing to this region. Exploration of rich Tamang culture, exclusive wildlife, Yak Cheese Factory, Langtang village and national park exploration are the key features of this region. Autumn is referred to as the best season for the expedition of Langtang region.

Langtang Region has quickly garnered a lot of attention from explorers, an area that covers 1,710 sq. km is comparatively closer to Kathmandu valley. The highlights of the area include the Langtang National Park, located in southern border from the valley the area feature rather diverse whether due to the difference altitude throughout the area.

The hiking trails of this region are often reminisced as peaceful, as most travellers choose Everest or Annapurna region for exploration Langtang Region has less inflow of tourism, nevertheless there is plenty of exploring that can be done in this area. Trekking in this region gets you to explore Ganesh Himal, a famous mountain named after a Hindu God. Most destination travel to this region starts from around 40 minutes’ drive to Sundarijal. The area of Langtang boost a settlement of Tamang villagers, Tamangs have their own distinct cultural practices and can be a pleasant experience for most travellers to witness. The people in this region follow Tibetan Buddhism and you will see the influences of stupas and prayer flags decorated all over Tamang heritage trek.

Trekking in theLangtang Valley Trek is ideal for explorers who are looking for the destination with shorter travel time, the area is about 6 to 7 hours away from the valley, despite the close proximity the altitude and distinct cultural heritage will guarantee for a unique experience. As mentioned above, the heavy influence of Tibetan values and ritual prevalent give you a great mix of both Nepali and Tibetan living.

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The region also includes other exciting trekking packages such as the Gosainkunda Trek, with the end goal of the trek being to witness the holiest lake in the world, the trek offers ample beauty. In an explorer’s journey to Gosainkunda, they are graced with the presence of heavy Tibetan influences, remote beauty of oak trees, bamboo forests, sky-high snow-capped peak and traditional village settlements. Exploring this region of Langtang Circuit Trek is both accessible and rich in culture, breath-taking geographical structures, and striking weather, making it a must visit for anyone wanting a slice of the Mountain living without wanting to invest too much time into exploring it.