With shared border Tibet and Nepal have many similarities, however, one cannot deny the charm of Tibet and how for decades it has been able to captivate the entire world. Tibet has its distinct additions to South Asian staples that always gives the nation an edge, whether is adding butter to their tea or simply living a life filled with Buddhist traditions.

In order to explore the country in the right manner, travelers have to venture into two locations one being Lhasa and the other Mt Kailash. Lhasa is a place for every kind of traveler, a day tour in Lhasa will get one to have a truly cultural experience, it will include wandering about in popular destination such as Potala Palace, Jhokang Temple and some other monastery such as Sera and Garden, Being the Capital of the roof of the world the Lhasa is also enlisted as antique city by the united nations. Additionally strolling around Barkhor street in Jokhang Temple will get you close to world finest form of art which usually results in Buddhism inspired paintings.

Furthermore, the other show stopper in this region is Mt Kailash, a tour of the western part of Tibet where the mountain is located is quite challenging but this holy mountain is worth it. Known to be the home of Lord Shiva, the mountain stands at 6714m. A tour of this region includes hiking packages that allow for you to enjoy its proximity to other mountains and Top Of the world mountain Mt. Everest their views along with being acquainted with Tibetan nomadic lifestyle presented in the village settlements around the area. Another great addition to this Pilgrimage tours comes in the form of Lake Mansarovar, although an ordeal to reach the lake once in it you will be consumed by peaceful tranquility. Most travelers, when acquainted with the area, are seen explore the meditative caves around the space and also dip in the holy water of the lake to obtain a sense of peace.

In conclusion, traveling to Tibet will amount to a surreal experience as nowhere else in the world can one experience the phenomenon of having borders of 10 highest peaks of the world lurking behind as you explore.