Authentic experience is what Bhutan tour is made of, the landlocked country in South Asia has both sub-tropical and sub-alpine geography which presents a rather distinct sightseeing experience. Known for its tranquility and peace, the vibe exuded by Bhutan is that of prosperity, often ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world. One can experience an unhurried lifestyle here full of prayer flags lurking due to their Buddhist practices. A holiday in Bhutan is marked by historic Taktsang Monastery in the hilltop, along with historic landmarks Bhutan is also known for its arts and crafts, pieces you can take home from travel constructed with old artisanal techniques using wood and Thangkha.

 Most get attracted to the country for its cultural and historical tours amidst jaw-dropping backdrops.  The cultural tour includes areas such as Paro, Thimpu, and Punakha. Paro is one the best sightseeing options for travelers as it is embellished with rich religious and cultural experience, one of the standouts of the area is the Taktsang Monastery which is also known as Tiger’s Nest, this white monastery takes about 2 to 3 hours of the hike to reach but is well worth the effort.  While in Paro travelers also get the opportunity to view traditional architecture which consists of stonewall standings colored in red and white, famous buildings with the amazing architecture such as the National Museum in the country which is located in a 17th-century building called Ta Dzong.

Furthermore, travelers can view the maximum of what the country has to offer with a Chomolhari Trek, the trek touches on all the major valleys and gives one a wholesome experience. For instance: walking along the Thimpu valley which is also the capital of Bhutan will allow travelers to explore the vastness of the area. Known as the economic hub of the country, the region provides interesting picks for the traveler which includes the visit to the textile museum, the close encounter with the Dordenma Buddha or visit the heart of town Memorial Chorten building.

Bhutan's distinct architecture, the way of living and culture will make the travel to the country unforgettable, with so many exquisite valleys to explore no wonder the people of Bhutan are known to be one of the happiest.