Offering both the thrilling adventure experiences to cultural insights, Mustang region has been able to grasp the attention of hundreds of people around the globe. Situated in the northern part of Nepal, Mustang region can be detached into two parts: Upper Mustang and Lower Mustang. Upper Mustang is comprised of an extraordinary blend of both dry and green vegetation along with absolute landscapes and bountiful of Buddhist sanctuaries. Apropos to Lower Mustang encompasses you through dry vegetation and clear skies with the visit to assorted pilgrimage sites including holy temple Muktinath. The key features of this region are that it lets you submerge yourself in natural beauty, archival craftsmanship, absolute landscapes, explores Tibetan culture, and views of majestic Himalayan ranges. Anyone willing to have an authentic taste of Nepal ought to head for the trek to Mustang region. 

Another fairly new region enlisted for exploration, the Mustang region was open to travelers only after 1991. The area is a treat to the eyes with its sub-Himalayan geography and mix of Tibetan and Nepali influences. While trekking to Mustang can range from fairly easy to moderately difficult, exploring the areas is quite a pleasant experience.

The region is known for its apple farming, but what steals everyone's attention is historic monuments that still rest within, ancient caves, forts and monasteries with abstract designs always telling a story of the past. The landscape includes barren lands and sandstones amidst these linger the colorful settlements and prayer flags, the perfect backdrop for any wanderer.

Some of the highlights of this region are Jomsom a lush land where apple farming takes place, Muktinath temple a holy sanctuary where both Hindus and Buddhist unite. The temple is also known for its striking beauty as in lies in the base of Thorong La Mountain. 

15 - days Upper Mustang trek is can be divided into two areas, the upper and lower Mustang. Upper Mustang includes both green and dry vegetation a unique mix of landscape, starting up north from Kagbeni the area has ample amount of Buddhist traces with stupas, gompas and prayer flags lurking around along with stone walled architecture. This small kingdom of Upper Mustang was once a gateway for trade, old folklore suggests the founder of Buddhism resided in the area to fight against evil. The area has a plethora of old rich culture and religious sentiments. This area also includes the Lo Manthang, the walled city in Upper Mustang, this is the region in which the iconic Tiji Festival happens. The Tiji Festival is one of the main tourist attraction and happens once a year, the three-day long spiritual festival, dance is performed to showcase Buddhism triumph over the demons. The scenic beauty of dessert like wonder adds a beautiful dramatic touch to the whole festival.

Jeep Drive Tour in Upper Mustang is specially and perfectly designed for visitors who wish to witness the ancient place without having to hike all the way up to the destination, either due to lack in time or if they have difficulties in walking. 

As for the lower region of Mustang, the area brushes you with dry air and pleases you with clear skies amongst the sandy looking plateaus. The journey to lower Mustang starts with Jomsom the capital of the region and ventures into the holy temple Muktinath and the beautiful stone walled city of Lo Manthang. The exploration in this part lets you immerse yourself in the stone-walled dunes, natures architect of striking landscapes and get acquainted with the people and their unique lifestyle of sheep herding, simplistic living.