About Index Adventure

Its all about a meaningful purpose to your holidays…

This is what we thought about when we started 20 years ago, and this is what we believed in ever since we began. Exploring Himalayan countries, ecosystems, ancient cities, cultures, flowing mountain ranges, diverse climates that are pleasant and safari jungles of a different kind; the planet is ever so huge, but nature in the Himalayas is so different, it talks to you, to your emotions…and the locals are so warm, friendly and congenial.

We always try to understand why clients particularly choose this part of the world for vacations; it’s a choice and thought shared by globetrotters all over this precious planet we live on. At ‘Index Adventure’, experience down the years has taught us to observe keenly the feelings and thoughts of our clients, their eagerness to discover the unknown from the known, and when its all done, to return home with a sense of fulfillment, a newly found holiday that wasn’t only fun, but also so full of experience & the knowledge gained from exploring what it was all about. Observing local traditions & their cultures, tasting cuisines never had before, interacting with the local folks while looking into their lifestyles, in the cities & on the mountains, all combine to give your vacation an extraordinary identity, and special photos that captured your heart to adorn the walls of your favorite spots at home, is what meaningful holidays are all about at ‘Index Adventure’.

We also guide our guests to move in ways that respect local traditions and customs, in small compact groups to cause less impact, to make sure that every indexed adventure was a thrilling experience beneficial to all who participated.

We go into a lot of planning before you visit Nepal or venture across the borders into Tibet & Bhutan. We understand you too have done your home work before you visit this is why we go the mile to ensure that your holidays morph into unforgettable experiences that can be shared with loved ones when you get back home. This is a philosophy we thought off when ‘Index Adventure’ took shape in the early years, and we haven’t looked back since then. We make sure our clients are treated like family, and your ventures are monitored even when we send you on journeys across our borders to Tibet and Bhutan. Our itineraries are planned to detail and we make sure our various programs give you enough space to be yourself whenever you are with us; the choices are many so that you choose a vacation that suits you best so that you have a holiday that’s exceptional and will remain memorable for a long time to come.

Our wilderness Treks & cultural Heritage tours are about getting to know what you’ve never experienced, about your personal achievement in the true spirit of friendship. They will test your patience, inspire your emotions and play with all your feelings.

Traveling paths less trodden, visiting remote communities, old sites and awesome landscapes are one and the same when planning your holidays with Index Adventure

We are very much responsible in all our operations when it comes to preserving the gentle ecosystems while working out your treks; we ensure that the places we visit are left as clean as possible when we leave the area. We stick to rules used by the International Porters Protection Group (www.ippg.net) and we always endeavor by making sure our guides and porters are thoroughly equipped and geared to offering you hassle free services, because we know their safety means your safety. It’s a central policy of our company that you remain safe at all times throughout your stay with us. We do not make camp fires and we request our trekking guests not to buy hot showers using wood in lodges along the trail. Our prices ensure we ‘help local communities’ in the areas that we travel.

Index Adventure is an officially registered trekking company in Nepal. It was registered under the company registration act of Nepal in the office of Company Registrar in Kathmandu; we are certified by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation. We are also affiliated with Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountain Association (NMA) and our legal evidence is on display at our office which speaks about the reliability of Index Adventure as a company which operates under laws as determined by the Department of Tourism – Government of Nepal. Index Adventure has been authorized to perform all foreign exchange transactions which are under the act of the Central Bank of Nepal called Nepal Rastra Bank.