This is a list for packing gear of peak climbing to provide our main Supreme to our clients for safe and enjoyable. Please find the equipment list below down for Nepal peak climbing for your personal use.

Peak Climbing Equipments

Ice Axe ,Crampons,Harness,Tape slings (2),Screwgate karabiners (2 lock, 2 unlock),Descender/eight figure,Plastic mountaineering boots,  Ascender/Jhumar,Helmet

For a group Peak Climbing Gears: Snow bar, Rope, Ice hammer, Ice screw


Waterproof jacket and trousers, Trekking trousers, Long sleeve shirts, Microfleece, Mid to heavyweight fleece, Sleeveless or body warmer type fleece, Thermals or base layer for top & bottom (merino wool or synthetic), Fleece pants, Medium weight down jacket.


2 pairs of thin, lightweight inner socks,2 pairs of heavy poly or wool socks,1 pair of hiking boots with spare laces (sturdy soles, water resistant, ankle support, “broken in”),1 pair of trainers or running shoes and/or sandals, Cotton socks, Gaiters.


Fleece gloves, Warms mittens and/or gloves, Wool or fleece hat, Sun hat, Scarf, Head torch and extra batteries, Sunglasses.

Personal first aid kit:

Small, personal first-aid kit (simple and light),Aspirin, first-aid tape, and plasters (Band-Aids),1 skin-blister repair kit,Anti-diarrhea pills,Anti-headache pills,Cough and/or cold medicine,Anti-altitude sickness pills: Diamox or Acetazolamide, Stomach antibiotic: Ciprofloxacin,Water purification tablets or water filter with Water purification tablets (Pristine, Biox Aqua or Aqua Mira).

Personal Equipment:

Sleeping bag 20 degree DC ,Fleece sleeping bag liner, Backpack large enough to carry water bottles, camera, lunch and extra clothing, Stuff sacks for keeping your gear dry and organized, two water bottles (Nalgene wide mouth bottles are the best), Sunscreen and lip salve with a high SPF, Insect repellent, Books, iPod and cards etc, Trekking poles, Camera with spare batteries and memory cards, Insurance certificate.