Heli Tours in Nepal

Heli tour is the rapidly growing tourist activity in Nepal by virtue of its convenience, time-saving factor and numerous other benefits. It is an adventurous, flexible and personalized tour. It is more popular than sightseeing flight through planes given that it lands in the destination, it is private with a couple of close members and is allowed to glide lower and closer to the landscapes. The ultramodern chopper designed especially for sightseeing is thrilling to experience in itself.

The Heli tour takes off from the airport and lands in the destination point. The time in between is filled with plenty of bird-eye view of the landscapes underneath comprising of lush green hills, lakes, valley settlements, passes, alpine forests, icefalls, glaciers, and conclusively the magnificent ranges of Himalayas. There are plenty of opportunities to take mind-blowing pictures with the pleasurable company of the knowledgeable and experienced pilot. As we land in the destination we would feel amused to behold the transition from busy and noisy city area to the tranquil and heavenly abode in no time. The climax is definitely worth every single penny.

Heli tour in Nepal primarily focuses on the Himalayan base camps, high altitude lakes and remote pilgrimages unmasking the arcane and magical locations of the country. It is definitely a blessed feeling to have set foot in such places. The chopper lands in the destination for a maximum of 30 minutes depending on the weather circumstances and the health of our travelers and seriously considering the possible risk of altitude sickness. The overall best season for this tour is when the flowers are in full bloom i.e. March through May and the fall season of September-October. For people who want to avoid crowd December-February can also be an option, however, the temperature would be very low in winter.