• Day 1: Arrival to Kathmandu.

    You will arrive at Kathmandu Airport. Our representative will receive you there. S/he will drive you to your hotel in a private car. Take some rest at a cosy hotel room. You can walk around the streets in Kathmandu in the evening.

    Overnight in Kathmandu.

    • Day 2: Sightseeing around Kathmandu.

      Today is the sightseeing day in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is a beautiful place that holds religious, cultural, and historical significance. There are many UNESCO Cultural World Heritage sites here. You can make a visit to the Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Swoyambhunath Temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and the Changu Narayan Temple.

      Overnight in Kathmandu.

      • Day 3: Fly from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur and drive to Ilam.

        We will begin our trek today by taking a flight from Kathmandu airport to an airport in Bhadrapur. The flight is a morning flight. During the flight, you can observe the aerial views of the sceneries down. You’ll see valleys, rivers, hills, Himalayas, and many other things. After landing in Bhadrapur, we will take a short drive to the tea plantation in Ilam. Ilam is a beautiful place famous as the largest tea plantation area in Nepal.

        Overnight in Ilam.

        • Day 4: Drive to Taplejung (1,820m).

          Duration of Drive: 8 hours

          Maximum Altitude: 1,820 meters

          We will take a jeep ride from Ilam to Taplejung. The road is beautiful and is scenic with lovely green hills around. Along the road, you will see some cultivation. We will make our way towards Phidim. From Phidim, we will continue to Suketar, Taplejung.

          Overnight in Taplejung.

          • Day 5: Trek to Sinuwa (980m).

            Maximum Altitude: 980 meters

            Finally today we will begin to trek. After a nice breakfast at Taplejung, we will set off on the trekking trail. Today, we will trek from Taplejung to a Tamang village called Sinuwa. The trek route passes through amazing landscapes, clean and green. You will walk along the green hills, splashing rivers and beautiful forests.

            We will walk across small settlements with beautiful houses. Also, near the settlement area, we will see cultivated terraces. We will meet the Tamur River and will walk along its riverbank to Sinuwa.

            Overnight in Sinuwa.

            • Day 6: Trek to Taplethok (1,380m).

              Maximum Altitude: 1,380 meters

              From Sinuwa village, we will begin to trek towards Taplethok. The trail is again splendid. As we leave Sinuwa, the valley gets narrower. We will walk through rugged trails where you will see the debris of landscape. After crossing it, we will walk down to a stream called Thiwa Khola. We will cross the river, will walk through exotic trails.

              Before Taplethok, we will reach Chiruwa. There is a market in Chiruwa. From Chiruwa, we will walk through Tamur riverbank until we reach Taplethok.

              Overnight in Taplethok.

              • Day 7: Trek to Sakathum (1,575m).

                Maximum Altitude: 1,575 meters

                We will start early in the morning, at around 7 am. From Taplethok, we will make our move towards Sakathum. There is a Kanchenjunga National Park checkpoint in the village. We will verify our permits there. Then we leave. As we leave Taplethik, the trail is narrow.

                We will meet a river again, the Simbuwa Khola. The river comes down from the beautiful Yalung glacier. Following the river, we will trek down to meet Tamur river. We will slowly trek to the Ghunsa Khola Valley. We will walk through the confluence of Tamur and Ghunsa Khola.

                After walking for some time, we will walk to the campsite near Sakathum, 1640 meters. Suketham is a Tibetan village. We will stay overnight there inside a tent.

                • Day 8: Trek to Amjilosa (2,310m).

                  Maximum Altitude: 2,310 meters

                  From Sakathum, we will follow the amazing trekking trails to Amjilosa. We will follow the Ghunsa Khola river bank. The trek route becomes more rugged. You’ll see rocky landscapes around. Before Amjilosa, there is an uphill climb.

                  Finally, we will reach the campsite in Amjilosa. We will set our tents and will stay there overnight. Amjilosa is a beautiful and small Tibetan village. Here, you will see the Nepali Sherpas and the Tibetan people (who migrated here a long time ago).

                  Overnight in Amjillosa.

                  • Day 9: Trek to Gyabla (2,730m).

                    Maximum Altitude: 2,730 meters

                    Trek Duration: 4 hours

                    Today, we will trek from Amjilosa to Gyable. Today, the trekking trail is isolated from human settlements. Most of the trail passes through dense forests. Walking in such trails is thrilling as well as a beautiful experience.

                    From various points on the trek, we will see the amazing Himalayan vista. We will walk through wide grasslands at the higher altitudes. We will see a large waterfall.

                    Gyabla is a beautiful place for overnight stay. Tented overnight at the campsite in Gyabla.

                    • Day 10: Trek to Gunsa (3,595m).

                      Maximum Altitude: 3,595 meters

                      Trek Duration: 5 hours

                      From Gyabla, we will walk past a large meadow to reach a beautiful village. After reaching a green hill, we will descend down steeply into a gorge. The next part of the trail passes through shades of Rhododendron and Firs.

                      The trail dips down into a river bank. From there, we will walk further towards amazing grazing lands near Pholey village. At the village, you will see potato fields and a beautiful monastery. From Pholey, we will trek towards the Ghunsa village. We follow a river called Ghunsa river to reach the village.

                      We will spend the night inside a tent in Ghunsa.

                      • Day 11: Acclimatization day in Ghunsa.

                        After walking for 10 days, we will be gaining height above 4000meters tomorrow. Thus, it is necessary that we acclimatise our body. If your body can adjust the thin air at higher places, you are less prone to mountain sicknesses.

                        For our acclimatization, we will take short hikes. At Gunsa, we will get the other side of the river and will climb to gain 400 to 500 meters. There is a monastery called Lapasan La Monastery. We will make a visit there.

                        After our 4 hours (round) hike, we will return back to last permanent settlement at Ghunsa. We will explore the village observing the beautiful lifestyle of locals.

                        Overnight in Ghunsa.

                        • Day 12: Trek to Khambachen (4,050m).

                          Maximum Altitude: 4,050 meters

                          Trek Duration: 6 hours

                          Be quick! The trail passes through many landslide-prone areas. From Ghunsa, we will trek in the northward direction. We will climb through lush jungles of larch, pine, juniper, and rhododendron. After meeting Ghunsa Khola, we will trek along the south bank of the river.

                          Along the trail, we will see beautiful meadows. The riverbank is sandy. Walking further we will cross the river on a wooden bridge. On walking further, we will reach Rambuk Kharka. We will walk further through a beautiful waterfall and a landslide-prone area.

                          On our way to Kambachen, we will see many chortens and mani walls. After different slopes, we will finally reach Khambachen. It is a temporary Tibetan settlement. There are around a dozen houses there. We will walk to the campsite and will set our tents for overnight stay. 

                          • Day 13: Trek to Lhonak (4,780m).

                            Maximum Altitude: 4,780 meters

                            Trek Duration: 7 hours

                            As we wake up in our tent, we will see a magnified view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Jannu. As we leave Kambachen, we will walk through the debris of moraines. Walking further, we will reach Ramtang, 4350m. There is a beautiful pasture there. You will see the Ramtang monastery, a beautiful waterfall, and the Kanchenjunga glacier. We will walk further and will meet the Kanchenjunga and Lhonak glacier.

                            Walking ahead, the trail becomes tougher. But after difficult walks, you will see some wonderful views of Mera Peak, Wedge peak, Nepal peak, and Twins Peak. Descending down and following the amazing trekking trails, we will reach Lhonak. At Lhonak you’ll see three or four stone huts.

                            We will walk to a big grassy meadow. We will set our tents and will stay there overnight. 

                            • Day 14: Trek to Kanchenjunga Base camp (5,140m) and back to Lhonak.

                              Maximum Altitude: 5,065 meters

                              Trek Duration: 6 hours

                              We will visit the north base camp of Kanchenjunga today. From Lhonak, we will make an ascent through steeps and slopes. We will walk through rugged sections. Finally, we will see the flat meadow which is Pang Pema, the north base camp.

                              The place offers beautiful mountain vistas. After spending some time at the base camp, we will trek back to Lhonak. Overnight in Lhonak. 

                              • Day 15: Trek to Ghunsa (3,595m).

                                Maximum Altitude: 5,140 meters

                                Trek Duration: 7 hours

                                From Lhonak, we will retrace our way back to Ghunsa. The trail is amazing. We will enjoy the beautiful Himalayan views. At the campsite in Ghunsa, we will set our tents. Overnight in a tent at Ghunsa.

                                • Day 16: Trek to Sele la Kharka (4,200m).

                                  Maximum Altitude: 3,595 meters

                                  Trek Duration: 6 hours

                                  From Ghunsa, we will trek towards Gyabla. We will trek through Rhododendron forests. Before Sele La Kharka, the trail is steep. We will climb uphill to reach Sele Le. There are two small teahouses in Sele Le. The facilities and services are very basic. You can stay at the teahouses or in tents.

                                  Overnight in Sele Le. 

                                  • Day 17: Trek over Sele la Pass – trek down to Tseram (3,870m).

                                    Maximum Altitude: 5,160 meters

                                    Trek Duration: 8 hours

                                    It’s an exciting day today. We will do different passes today: Mirgin La, SInion La, Lapsang La, and Sele La. From Sele La, we will trek to the top of Mirgin La pass. From the top, we will see amazing views of Mt. Jannu, Mt. Makalu, Baruntse, Mt. Kanchenjunga, and others.

                                    Continuing over the trekking trail, we will trek towards Lapsang La pass. Lapsang La pass is a high altitude pass. You can enjoy the magnificent Himalayan views as you climb the passes and get down. After a long trek today, we will reach Tseram.

                                    Overnight in Tseram.

                                    • Day 18: Trek to Oktang Base camp (4,730m) and back to Ramche (4,580m).

                                      Maximum Altitude: 5,364 meters

                                      Trek Duration: 5 hours

                                      We will start from Tseram Yalung glacier and the Oktang Base Camp. We will start early towards Oktang base camp. We will see beautiful mountain sceneries from the high ridges. Mt. Kanchenjunga approaches so clear and so big.

                                      Walking towards Oktang base camp, we will make our way up along the Yalung glacier. Oktang Base Camp is the Kanchenjunga South Base Camp. From there you’ll see Khumbakarna Glacier, Kanchenjunga south face, Kokthan, Rathong, and Kabru.

                                      We will explore around the base camp for some time and will descend to Ramche. Overnight in Ramche. 

                                      • Day 19: Trek back to Tseram (3,870m).

                                        Maximum Altitude: 4,580 meters

                                        Trek Duration: 3 to 4 hours

                                        At Ramche, there is a beautiful lake and a meadow. You will see the Blue sheeps grazing on the meadows. After having breakfast there, we will begin to trek back to Tseram. The trekking trail is amazing with astonishing views of the surrounding Himalayas and mountains.

                                        Overnight in Tseram in a tent. 

                                        • Day 20: Trek to Lamite Bhanjyang (3,370m).

                                          Maximum Altitude: 3,870 meters

                                          Trek Duration: 7 to 8 hours

                                          After having breakfast in Tseram, we will begin retracing our way back to Lamite Bhanjyang. The trail begins with a drop to Simbuwa Khola. We will trek along the river while descending an easy trail. We will walk through the forests of Kanchenjunga. We will walk past Toronto and Amji Khola. Finally, we will reach Lamite Bhanjyang.

                                          Overnight in Lamite Bhanjyang.

                                          • Day 21: Trek to Yamphudin (1,690m).

                                            Maximum Altitude: 3,370 meters

                                            Trek Duration: 7 to 8 hours

                                            From Lamite Bhanjyang, we will trek towards Yamphudin today. The trail is mostly dense pine forest. Dhupi Bhanjyang, 2540m. There is a river Amji Khola that we cross before getting to Yamphudin. Yamphudin is a big settlement. Here, you’ll see different ethnic groups including Sherpas, Limbus, Rais, and Gurungs.

                                            Overnight in Yamphudin.

                                            • Day 22: Trek to Phumphe (1,780m).

                                              Highest Altitude: 1,780 meters

                                              Trek Duration: 6 to 7 hours

                                              We will have a nice breakfast at Yamphudin before we begin to walk. We will walk down the trail along Kabeli Khola. The trail is beautiful. Along the trail, we will see different waterfalls. The cascading waterfalls make refreshing views. After hours of walking, we will reach Phumphe. Overnight in Phumphe.

                                              • Day 23: Trek to Kunjari (1,700m).

                                                Highest Altitude: 1,780 meters

                                                Trek Duration: 3 to 4 hours

                                                The day begins with a climb. After reaching the ridge top, we will descend through Phun village to Kesawa. From Kesawa, we will again ascend the trail to Bhanjyang. At Bhanjyang, there is a beautiful Gurung village. which is a Gurung settlement.

                                                From Bhanjyang, we will walk through a ridge, walk down and meet Kunjari. Kunjari is a beautiful Limbu village. The campsite is near the river bank of Pha Khola. Overnight there. 

                                                • Day 24: Trek to Taplejung (1,580m).

                                                  Highest Altitude: 1,700 meters

                                                  Trek Duration: 5 to 6 hours

                                                  The last day of our trek is tedious. Most of the trails include climbing uphill. From Kunjari, we will trek to Suketar of Taplejung. Overnight there. 

                                                  • Day 25: Drive to Birtamod.

                                                    From Taplejung, we will drive on a bus or a jeep to Birtamod. There is an airport in Bhadrapur. We will stay overnight at a hotel near the airport. Pack your things. You will be flying to Kathmandu early morning tomorrow. 

                                                    • Day 26: Flight to Kathmandu from Bhadrapur.

                                                      Early in the morning today, we will check in at the airport in Bhadrapur. From there, we will fly to Kathmandu on a domestic plane. The flight is scenic. Enjoy the aerial views of the valleys, hills, rivers, and the Himalayas.

                                                      You can stroll around the busy streets at Thamel, Kathmandu. Thamel is a major tourist hub in Kathmandu. Overnight in Kathmandu.

                                                      • Day 27: Leisure day in Kathmandu.

                                                        You will have a leisure day today. There are many short tours that are possible around the Kathmandu valley. You can go to Chandragiri Hills, Nagarkot, Nagarjun Hill, Kakani, Phulchowki, Chobar, and many other places. These places are popular touring destinations near Kathmandu.

                                                        Or you can simply continue visiting the UNESCO World Heritage sites. You can walk around some touristic hub to buy souvenirs for your friends and family back home. You can buy different things like statues, paintings, thangka, pashmina, etc.

                                                        Overnight in Kathmandu

                                                        • Day 28: Departure.

                                                          Finally, today is the day of departure. We will drive you to the Kathmandu Airport. From there, you will fly via your international flight. We hope you had a great journey with us. We wish to see you on treks and tours in Nepal again. Safe journey!