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    Day Tours

    Index Adventure specializes on the day tours and sightseeing packages. Mountain Flight, Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Jungle Safari and other various activities. According to your…

  • River Rafting in Nepal0Package(s)

    River Rafting in Nepal

    Nepal is a country of high mountains, terraced hills and plain land. The River emerges from the Himalayas and flow through this terraced landscape.…

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  • Heli Tours in Nepal0Package(s)

    Heli Tours in Nepal

    Heli Tours in Nepal offers the lively experience to travel in a unique and astonishing way. It is the fastest means to travel and…

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    Paragliding in Nepal

    Nepal is a country of Himalayas, hilly regions and plain land. These diversities are the sparkling attraction for the Paragliding. This adventure tour makes…

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    Moutain Biking Tour in Nepal

    Among various ways to spend holidays in Nepal, Mountain Biking Tour offers the unique experience of enjoying your travel. Mountain Biking Tour in Nepal…

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