Our Team

  • Keshab Jung Thapa

    Managing Director

    Keshab Jung Thapa…A Profiled Story…

    Keshab JungThapa was born into a close knit family with a background in Agriculture. The picturesque, vibrant village of Borlang which is cozily nestled in the laps of Mt. Manaslu in Gorkha district is where Keshab Thapa took his birth 36 years ago to this day. Another unique aspect of Keshab’s village of birth is its historical significance; for this is where Nepal’s first warrior Prime Minister – the famous ‘Bhimsen Thapa’ was born in a unified Nepal that saw its first taste of a democratic setup when the then Rana dynasty ruled the kingdom of Nepal. Bhimsen Thapa was Prime Minister from 1806-1837 AD.

    Keshab grew up in this famous village and as a little boy gazed up at the towering dangerous peak of Manaslu so many times while his curious little thoughts wondered as to what this massive peak was all about. Little did he know at that point in time that one day he would be destined to guide daring trekkers to the foothills of this mighty peak and this is where his story began in the risky world of Nepal’s daredevil adventure circuits… However, Keshab’s father had other thoughts and wanted his children to understand the value of education, and so Keshab headed to school and concluded his education by completing the SLC [School Leaving Certificate Examinations].

    Keshab Thapa instinctively knew just working in tourism without a decent education would be similar to attempting Mt. Everest without climbing boots…and yes, oxygen. His common sense went a step further in realizing that with an education he could serve the hordes of tourists visiting his home district and his country from a more practical and professional perspective; and this became the platform for his joining a trekking company as a freelance porter and after learning the hard way, the ways of the mountains where he grew up in, he was elevated to a government licensed guide as a skilled freelance operator…where his trekking experience not only covered Nepal’s vast trekking circuits but also crossed over into the neighboring Himalayan countries of Tibet, Bhutan, china & India…this was an ideal stage for Keshab to reach the higher levels of the trade with the growing knowledge he picked up over the hurting years as a porter with the final transition into a down-to-earth guide with extraordinary leadership abilities. And the base was laid to get onto the bigger shores of ambition…

    Keshab soon established his own company under the name ‘Index Adventure’, a dream that began when he first glimpsed the mighty peak of Manaslu as a little boy of 6 years old… Keshab enjoyed hiking deep into the woods & his deep sense of nature told him that the trees were only a part of the forests and that there was much more to mother nature…this is where he realized that life must be an arduous journey…or simply nothing!! A sense of tranquility and charm always touched his heart deeply & he soon began exploring the mountains, its communities & culture and the down-to-earth generosity that were rubies which affected his life for the better…his childhood walks across glens, rugged hillocks & forests with merry chirping birds seemed to stalk him wherever he went…and found new trails where only the bold would seek to stride...it was this quest for the lesser known that helped him discover his destiny and taught him to rediscover and love his own country by leading trips above the tree-lines that followed in later years…
    Today, Keshab Thapa and his company INDEX ADVENTURE Are on the frontline of Nepal’s Tourism landscapes with outlets to go even further in a beautiful country where hope and destiny sees a bright future in Nepal’s global success as a leading destination for some of the most famous adventure circuits on the planet…


  • Azli Wahab

    Marketing Director Asia

    Azli Wahab came to Nepal for the Annapurna base camp for the first time in 2006. He repeated the trek on the following years to the Everest base camp and to Upper Mustang. He is a travel expert throughout Asia and has visited 12 countries in the Asia. He has been taking the Marketing Director role in Asia of Index Adventure, who is excellent in arranging adventure trips. 

  • Andreas Wittmann

    Marketing Director Europe

    Andreas Loves to explore the Himalayas and also to take the city sightseeing tours. He travelled to Nepal in 2009 and has been travelling to Nepal almost every year, already 6 times. He is the Marketing Director in Europe of Index Adventure. Roger is a keen travel organizer and responds urgently in any issues that arise during the trip. He leads trekkers often. 

  • Rupak Basnet

    India Representative

    Mr.Rupak has been appointed Sales marketing and India Representative in Nepal Index Adventure Pvt. Ltd. he is becoming popular in Nepalese market on our special travel, tour, trekking and adventure events on number of occasions. Each dealing with our clients he succeeds to be professional, recognizing that our guests have very high standards which he must meet. He listens actively to our clients, anticipate and meet their needs with excellence of Nepal.