Our Team

  • Keshab Jung Thapa

    Company Chief

    Keshab Jung Thapa the proud owner and Chief of Index Adventure was mesmerized by the mountains from a very early stage in his life. Born on the laps of the great Mt. Manaslu in Gorkha district, towering peaks were no strangers to him. Always feeling a pull towards the rally of tourist who crossed his path growing up in a cozy village in Borang, Keshab Jung Thapa with the support of his family decided to merge his passion and business. He decided to take the first step into the industry and became a freelance porter in a company while simultaneously studying, it was here where he walked through the paths of these monumental peaks that his commitment towards the industry grew.

    In this journey, Mr. Thapa constantly challenged himself, which led him not only to be trailing the circuits of the Himalayas but also of Tibet and Bhutan where the slight change in the terrains challenged him further. Mr. Thapa grew as a professional as he changed roles in the industry and took the leap to start his own company in 2017 called Index Adventure, with 15 years of abundant experience, thriving networks of people who enjoyed his service, he is currently working hard to both provide quality service both new and repeating customers.

    Apart from an exceptional Company Chief, Index adventure is also blessed by a hard-working team of professionals, they are not only experts in the field but share a passionate connection with the industry. Our team believes in establishing a relationship constitute of compassion, respect, and diligence. They change according to your needs being companions when necessary and productivity ninjas during busy times. What you will experience from our workers despite a heavy inflow of customers is undivided attention and care. We are extremely proud to have such a wonderful behind us, supporting us, helping us grow.

  • Azli Wahab

    Marketing Director Asia

    Azli Wahab came to Nepal for the Annapurna base camp for the first time in 2006. He repeated the trek on the following years to the Everest base camp and to Upper Mustang. He is a travel expert throughout Asia and has visited 12 countries in the Asia. He has been taking the Marketing Director role in Asia of Index Adventure, who is excellent in arranging adventure trips. 

  • Andreas Wittmann

    Marketing Director Europe

    Andreas Loves to explore the Himalayas and also to take the city sightseeing tours. He travelled to Nepal in 2009 and has been travelling to Nepal almost every year, already 6 times. He is the Marketing Director in Europe of Index Adventure. Roger is a keen travel organizer and responds urgently in any issues that arise during the trip. He leads trekkers often. 

  • Rupak Basnet

    India Representative

    Mr.Rupak has been appointed Sales marketing and India Representative in Nepal Index Adventure Pvt. Ltd. he is becoming popular in Nepalese market on our special travel, tour, trekking and adventure events on number of occasions. Each dealing with our clients he succeeds to be professional, recognizing that our guests have very high standards which he must meet. He listens actively to our clients, anticipate and meet their needs with excellence of Nepal.