Challenging, rewarding, enthralling. For most people, Everest Base Camp Trekking, also known as EBC Trek, is a memorable affair. Records remain proof that thousands visit the Everest Region every year with one motivation: to walk all the way to the Base Camp of the top of the world, Mt Everest (8,848 meters). It is not only the destination that most find intriguing, however. Radiating a distinct Buddhist aura, the villages with their monasteries en route as well as the locals inhabiting them force an intentional peek into the ways of the Highlanders. Other members who populate the area the route passes through are certainly neck-to-neck in capturing anyone’s attention. Whether it is the vegetation: the pines, the first, the mosses and the lichens; or the domesticated donkeys, jopkyos and the yaks; or the wild musk deer and the Himalayan tahr; a meeting with any one of them on the way can sufficiently encourage an inquiry into their ways of things.This video is one more testimony of the claims made thus far.