• Jun 30, 2023
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Upper Mustang is an isolated and mythical place in northern Nepal that provides a one-of-a-kind fusion of old Tibetan culture, magnificent scenery, and rich history. This remote and lesser-known area has only been open to travelers since 1992, making it an excellent secret gem for those who are looking for an out-of-the-way experience.

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The towering peaks encircling the Upper Mustang Trek, particularly the Himalayas, have inspired poets, writers, and painters from all over the world. The barrenness and roughness of the scenery, which is sometimes compared to those of Tibet, is dramatically contrasted by its stunning wide skies. This enormous panoramic mountain environment serves as a great backdrop for the old Tibetan Buddhist customs and way of life's pilgrimages.

The Upper Mustang Trek's dry landscapes are dominated by the Kali Gandaki River Valley, a valley created by flaws in the Himalayan Range that have been profoundly carved by the river. Because the Upper Mustang region experiences less rain, it is usually dry, and you can see abandoned landscapes in the highlands. The trans-Himalayan region is the primary reason that clouds are unable to approach this area, rendering the town desolate. Even during the monsoon season, The Upper Mustang receives one of the lowest levels of rain in Nepal.

Upper Mustang Trek's sheer cliffs, dark canyons, and unusual rock formations create a bizarre environment of stark, dry beauty. Trekking through breezy valleys offers magnificent vistas of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri peaks covered in the snow, and watch the landscape's vibrant colors change with the changing light.

Upper Mustang is among the few traditional Tibetan cultural strongholds. Visiting ancient monasteries like the 15th-century Thubchen Gompa or the centuries-old Lo Gekar Gompa, and interacting with local populations can help to acquire knowledge about their distinct traditions, rites, and way of life.

People can interact with the Thakali peoples, who are native to the Upper Mustang Region, during the Upper Mustang Trek. The Thakali ethnic group originated from the Thak Khola region of Upper Mustang. Thakalis have a culture and language of their own, as well as unique ceremonies for marriage, birth, and death. Thakalis are very organized people. They keep their homes tidy and their kitchens spotless. Thakalis celebrate three major festivals: Lhafewa (Barha Barse Kumbha Mela), Toranlha (ancestor worship), and Falo (Kumar Yatra). The Thakali priest known as 'Dhnom' performs the shaman's tasks in the area. The Madaal, Khaprang, and Thamken are their principal musical instruments.

Upper Mustang Trek, despite being in a remote location, has a variety of luxury lodgings, Homestays which include boutique lodges, and expensive tented campgrounds. Travelers can enjoy the comforts of modern conveniences, personal attention, and genuine local food while exploring the region's natural beauty. The Upper Mustang Trek region's homestays offer a cozy environment, friendly and welcoming gestures, and organic regional cuisine.

In the Upper Mustang Trek region, peoples celebrate multiple festivals. Upper Mustang's festivals are one-of-a-kind and have a strong cultural and religious significance. While the Tiji event is the most well-known event in Mustang, there are additionally numerous others worth seeing. The Yartung festival, for example, provides an opportunity to celebrate Nepali culture while also making new acquaintances from remote Nepal. The celebrations are held in a remote community, allowing guests to experience an exciting element of cultural domination in remote Nepal.

Despite being a remote area the Upper Mustang Trek Region serves you with welcoming hearts, kind gestures, immense love and respect, and also one of the best-tasting thakali cuisine. Also, the homestays here can arrange you with biking, horse riding, and other adventurous activities if you are an adrenaline junkie. Besides this, if you are a fan of wine then the locally made Marpha can make you change your thinking about the definition of wine.

Upper Mustang Trek is a heavenly experience in itself and everyone should at least explore it once in their life if they don’t want to miss the opportunity to venture the most exciting journey.