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Upper Mustang Trek, a precious and medieval Trek in Nepal's Himalayas, is one of the country's most incredible treks. The upper Mustang excursion is a limited-access excursion. The area is restricted to conserve the Himalayas' historical, religious, ecological, and geographical diversity.

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The vibrant colors and hues of the Upper Mustang's Mountains are breathtaking at any time of year. It is a relatively low to moderate altitude trek that has no high passes to cross, thus rendering it suitable for a wide range of people. Upper Mustang also has a high grade of accommodation and dining, making it an excellent alternative for those seeking comfort. The Upper Mustang Trek is great for people looking for unknown locations, off-world vistas, and unique civilizations. The trek between Upper Mustang's vistas, culture, and people is definitely among the most magnificent trek in the world.

If you want to go trekking in Upper Mustang, the Upper Mustang trek map can help you gain a clear concept of the Upper Mustang Trekking. The 15 -days Upper Mustang Trek map assists trekkers to find out about the hiking trails and sites along the way. You might also receive ideas about the small towns and communities in the area.

Venturing the Upper Mustang Trek you will discover Upper Mustang Trekking's hidden beauty. You can also learn about Mustang's customs, socioeconomic beliefs, and cultural values. By participating in this trek, you are not only having fun and gaining life-changing experiences, but you are also boosting Upper Mustang's tourism industry. This will also assist the locals promote their economy.

Now the trek map/route to the Upper Mustang Trek is as follows:

Kathmandu To Pokhara

There are several ways to get from Kathmandu to Pokhara. You can drive or fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara. In either case, the journey is breathtaking. It's just as exciting to fly over the gorgeous valleys as it is to drive along the scenic trails.

Pokhara To Kagbeni Via Jomsom

A flight to Jomsom can be taken from Pokhara's airport. The flight lasts approximately 20 to 25 minutes. Flying over Kali Gandaki George, the world's deepest George, will be a wonderful experience. The white mountains (Mt. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna Ranges, and Fishtail) will also be visible ahead of you.

You will arrive at Jomsom Airport. After reaching the Kali Gandaki valley you can continue your Upper Mustang trek from there. From Jomsom, take the tranquil and scenic walking routes to Kagbeni. The hike to Kagbeni will take you about 3 to 4 hours. In Kagbeni, there is a checkpoint. This is the starting point for the Upper Mustang trekking route.

Kagbeni To Tsehile

The very first thing you must do in Kagbeni is finish your permit paperwork. As you begin your trek, you enter Upper Mustang's restricted trekking area. You will now be trekking in Upper Mustang, Nepal's desert. As a result, you should begin your day in the early hours of the morning as the wind becomes stronger as the day progresses. As you stroll, you will notice the spectacular views of the Nilgiri Himal glistening in the morning sun rays. The walking trail takes a lovely route along the eastern bank of the Kali Gandaki River.

You will eventually arrive in the Chuksan Valley. It is a broad and lovely valley. You are going to cross the Kali Gandaki River there. Begin going uphill after crossing the river. Continue walking until you reach flat, barren land. You will observe red sandstone pillars and carved grandeur from landscapes. Moving further, you will come to the modest and lovely settlement of Tangbe. Beautiful red and white houses may be found throughout the village. As you proceed, you will notice caves on the wall surfaces. The walking trail descends to the Kali Gandaki stream. You are going to cross a suspension bridge there. The trek route now has become more difficult so, Continue the trekking route to Tsehile with caution. Tsehile is a little town with stunning views of the Himalayas.

Tsehile To Syangboche

Prepare for an interesting journey. You'll be passing across four mountain passes: Taklam La (3240 m), Dzong La (3550 m), Baga La, and Yemdo (4000 m). One thing to bear in mind is that this path will be as difficult as it is exhilarating. You will be climbing a tough terrain from Tsehile. Ghyakar and the huge canyon will be visible. You will then hike along the trail toward a magnificent pass. You can see Samar, the Kali Gandaki valley, and the far Himalayan peaks from there.

You will hike for approximately two hours from Samar over magnificent trekking routes before arriving at the Rangchyung Chorten, a red-painted cave monastery. It is a holy site in Mustang. You'll continue strolling while admiring the rocky walls, little thorny shrubs, and sandy trails. Walking forward, you'll notice pasture meadows and summer towns. You might even glimpse the uncommon blue mountain sheep if you're lucky. Trekking to Shyangboche is a great experience, despite the distance. Finally, you'll arrive in Shyangboche and notice the crowded dwellings.

Syangbochen To Tsarang

It's another long day with four passes: Shyammochhen La, Yanda La (4050m), Ghemila (3520m), and Tsarang La (3920m). Yanda La is about a 15-minute climb from Syambochen Hamlet. Cross the pass by passing through the lovely shortens. You will then stroll to Ghelung village. The yellowish trees can be found in the village. There are two Gompas in the village, as well as many colorful prayer flags. The trail climbs towards the Nyi La pass. The walking trail descends once more towards the Ghami La pass.

Trek to Ghami, the third largest village in Mustang. The Mustang's longest Mani wall is visible from there. You'll now trek slowly towards Tsarang la. View the parched terrain of Mustang from the summit. There's the Tsarang chorten, a crimson monastery, and the Tsarang palace. There is now a wide trail leading to Tsarang.

Tsarang To Lomanthang

This journey brings you to Mustang's driest region. If you are from sea level, you ought to be more cautious of altitude sickness. The trail is thrilling. However, it might be exhausting at times. The trail will take you past massive rocky mountains and bleak hills.

Lo Manthang is a historic city in Nepal's Himalayas. The Lomanthang Palace and the Charang Chu Canyon are both located in Lomanthang. The majority of hikers stay at Lo Manthang for two nights. The spare day is a day of rest or acclimatization. Lo Manthang has a maximum elevation of 3760 meters.

Now that you have a map of Mustang trip routes, you can begin planning your 15 -days Upper Mustang Trek right immediately. Get ready for one of the most memorable yet exciting treks of a lifetime.