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Helambu is a small valley around 80 km away from Kathmandu. The Helambu valley is famous for its short trek among the tourists. Passing through the Langtang National Park, you get to witness the views of the great mountains and the exotic biodiversity protected with collective efforts from the government and the locals.

The Helambu trek 5 days provides you with not only a chance to visit the beautiful villages of the Helambu region but also experience the Langtang National Park. The Short Helambu trek is a wholesome trek of the views of the mountains and the biodiversity along with the cultural diversity. These five days of Helambu trek will take you through an emotional rollercoaster and give you the best memories.

Suitable for beginners, the 5 days Helambu Trek is a fascinating short trek. Beautiful views all year round with unique culture and traditions along with the popular sweet apples of Helambu, you would not want to miss this short blast of fun and adventure.

Table of Contents

Highlights of Helambu Trek

A short and easy trek

One of the major highlights of the Helambu trek 5 days is the duration and difficulty of the trek. It is a relatively easy trek compared to other treks in the region. Apart from being an easy trek, the trek is only 5 days where you get to experience a wide variety of things and have time for other detours as well while you are in the country.

Magnificent views of the mountains

The Helambu region provides you with a great view of the mountains nearby mainly the Annapurna ranges, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu. The trek routes also provide great views of the mountains along the way along with exotic flora and fauna.

Helambu’s specialty: Sweet Apples

Helambu is well known in Nepal for its sweet apples. It is one of the most popular fruits in the region. The specialty of the Helambu region is the sweet apples. So if you decide to go to Helambu do try this deliciousness.

Traditional villages

The Helambu region is one of the regions which is not yet extremely influenced by the modern ways of living. It is enriched with the culture and lifestyle of the traditional villages which operate without the interference of the modern ways of living. The lifestyle of the people of Helambu is, however, changing after the devastating earthquake. So, you get to see and be part of the progress they are slowly making in their livelihood.

Religion and culture

With the Helambu Trek 5 days, you get to experience not only the sweet-savory of apples but also their religion and culture. Most of the people here are called Hyolmo people and their culture is influenced by the Tibetan culture. Their unique culture and the many Buddhist monasteries along the way will mesmerize you along the way.

Langtang National Park

The Helambu Trek of 5 days takes you through the Langtang National Park. This is one of the major highlights of the trek. Along with the beautiful culture, views and the landscapes of the villages, you also get to enter the Langtang National Park during your trek. In the Langtang National Park, you get to see the exotic flora and fauna and also get to encounter many endangered species of animals and birds.

Best time for Helambu trek

Helambu Trek 5 DaysThe short 5 days Helambu Trek is suitable for almost all seasons and times of the year. However, autumn and spring are considered the best time for the trek. The winter season isn’t that bad either. The trek is an easy trek at the foot of the mountains so the weather is not all freezy or affected by snowfall or rainfall. However, monsoon is not considered the best for trekking in this area.

Helambu Trek in Autumn

Autumn is considered the peak trekking season in Nepal with the season providing favorable conditions for trekking. The months from September to November are the autumn season in Nepal. These months provide you with the best views and the conditions for trekking.

With the monsoon rain finally clearing up the skies and the autumn breezes blowing the falling leaves from the trees, you get to experience a beautiful trail of leaves and vibrant colored trails throughout your trek. The temperature of the region during the autumn season is moderate while the nights can be a little chilly.

Helambu Trek in Spring

Spring is the season of new beginnings. It is considered the second-best season for trekking in Nepal. This season consisting the months of March to May is the best for people who love seeing the flora and fauna along the way, during spring, the trails are filled with beautiful flowers blooming while birds sing their melodies. The calm you feel during the trek is incomparable during this season.

You get to see the beautiful mountains covered with snow and the exotic flora and fauna along with the unique biodiversity of the region.

Helambu Trek in winter

The Helambu region lies at the foot of the mountains. As the trek is short and does not extend to higher altitudes, winter is also considered a great time for the trek. If you want to see some slight snowfall along with the mountains and the vegetation-covered in snow, this is the best time.

The months from December to February is the best time for snow fights and snow-covered views from the Helambu region. The views of the Annapurna mountains along with Manaslu and Dhaulagiri covered in snow and standing in its full glory is a magical sight to see.

Requirements for the Trek

Unlike the other long difficult treks, the short 5 days Helambu trek does not specifically require any permits of entry. The only things you will require during the trek are the following documents:

  • The original and photocopy of your passport with 6 months validity
  • Entry permit for Shivapuri National Park
  • Entry permit for Langtang National Park

Helambu Trek Cost

The cost of the 5 days short trek to the Helambu region depends upon the services you require like the food and accommodation requested by you. However, the standard rate of Helambu Trek 5 days ranges from $450. The Helambu trek cost includes your food and accommodation and other things.

Cost Inclusions

  • Pickup from airport and final departure drop off
  • Professional trekking guide and porter
  • Three square meals a day during the trek
  • Accommodation in lodges during the trek
  • Entry permits for the national parks during the trek
  • First aid kit with the necessary medical supplies
  • All ground transportation in private cars
  • Tex and other government charges

Cost Exclusions

  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks alcoholic or non-alcoholic during the trek
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips to the staffs
  • Kathmandu meals

Helambu Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal (1350m) then trek to Chisopani

Your 5 days Helambu Trek itinerary begins from Kathmandu. Here you will be transferred to Sundarijal in a private vehicle. Sundarijal is a famous destination for tourists. It provides you with beautiful views of the Sundari Jal waterfall.

From Sundarijal, you will then trek to Chisopani. You will walk further north of the Kathmandu valley. After around 5 hours of walking, you will reach Chisopani. You will spend the night in Chisopani in one of the lodges pre-booked for your accommodations.

Day 02: 6-7 hours Trek from Chisopani to Kutumsang

In the morning, after having breakfast, you will leave Chisopani. Today is a long walk ahead. 6-7 hours of a walk later you will reach Kutumsang at the altitude of 2446 meters. The trail consists of beautiful meadows passing through various ridges at Gul Bhanjyang. The trails are mostly downhill roads. Tonight you will stay at Kutumsang at a comfortable lodge.

Day 03: 6 hours Trek from Kutumsang to Tharepati Pass

Walking up north from Kutumsang, you will be able to see beautiful views of the mountains on the road. Today you will walk around 6 hours through the remote steep trails surrounded by Rhododendron and other coniferous vegetations.

You will pass through the enchanting forest of oak trees and Rhododendron and finally reach a beautiful viewpoint known as Tharepati at an altitude of 3650 meters. Here you can enjoy a glimpse of the snow-covered mountains. Tonight you shall rest at a lodge nearby.

Day 04: 7 hours Trek from Tharepati to Tarkeghyang via Melamchi Gaon

The descend from the Tharepati pass is steep and surrounded by coniferous vegetation and Rhododendron. The trails provide great views of the valleys below along with the cone trees. From Tharepati we will descend down to the Melamchi Gaon.

It is a small village densely populated with the sherpa people with unique cultures mixed with Tibetan culture.

Day 05: Trek 3 hours from Tarkeghyang to Timbu and drive back from Timbu to Kathmandu

Today marks the last day as per your Helambu Trek 5 days itinerary. 3 hours of trekking from Tarkeghyang, you will reach Timbu. The way is mostly downhill. This is the last 3 hours of walk on the 5 days Helambu Trek.

From Timbu, you will go straight to Kathmandu. After a 5 hours drive on a personal vehicle, you will reach Kathmandu. Our journey together ends at this point with loads of great memories from the trek.

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Difficulties during the trek

Helambu Trek 5 Days To be honest, this is an easy trek of 5 days suitable for beginners as well. So there are hardly any difficulties during the trek.

The only difficulty you may face will be if you trek the area during the summer season. With the monsoon rain pouring down on you every day, you will have difficulties continuing on the trails as they get muddy and slippery. Other than this there are hardly any difficulties you may face during this short trek.


What is the highest altitude during the trek that we will reach?

The highest altitude we will be reaching during the Helambu Trek of 5 days is 3650 meters at the Tharepati pass. The elevation to climb is not as high as other treks in the region.

Will I get altitude sickness?

No, there is less to no chances of you getting altitude sickness during your Helambu Trek 5 days as the altitude elevation is not as high.

What is the best time for the Helambu trek?

The best time for the Helambu Trek is considered as the spring season from the months of March to May and the autumn season from the months of September to November. These seasons provide you with the best views and the best conditions for trekking.

Is past experience required for this trek?

Not really. This is an easy short trek. The Helambu Trek of 5 days is suitable for beginner trekkers as well. So past experience is not a requirement. However, some physical exercises help you finish the trek without any difficulties.

What kind of accommodations will be provided during the trek?

While in Kathmandu, you can choose among various hotels and lounges. But during the trek, you will be provided with lounges for accommodations with clean water and clean bedding which may be shared among two people.

What kind of foods will I get during the trek?

You can enjoy a variety of food during the trek. The most common item on the menu you can eat is the traditional Nepali dish; Dal Bhat. other than that you can also enjoy other Tibetan menus and Indian cuisines on the trek.

Can I trek during the summer?

Trekking in summer is not a good idea. In Nepal, summer and monsoon seasons coincide. This means the summer season in Nepal is usually always facing downpours. The constant downpours make the trails all muddy and slippery and unideal for trekking. So it is better to go during spring and autumn or even winter for the Helambu trek.

Tips for Helambu Trek

Helambu Trek 5 Days Itineraries Being classified as an easy trek, you may underestimate the trek. There are still some precautions you should take during the trek. Here are some tips for making the trek a safe and easy one.

  • Make sure to carry water purifiers with you as clean water is not guaranteed.
  • Also, carry your own water bottles and fill them on the way when you have the chance.
  • The trails are steep so make sure to wear good trekking boots so you don't hurt your legs walking around 5-6 hours a day.
  • It is highly unlikely for you to get altitude sickness on this trek but still make sure to keep yourself hydrated during the trek to be on the safe side.

So, if you are someone who wants a short trek with exquisite food, magnificent views and a taste of the traditional lifestyle, the Helambu Trek 5 days is the one for you. You will get to experience the best views of the surrounding mountains, valleys, rivers and the lifestyle of the people in the region.

Without wasting any more time, join us and our team of professionals to make your journey and time in Nepal a time to remember. Please feel free to contact us for more travel related information.

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