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Langtang Valley Trek is the nearest trek from Kathmandu but less admired trek as well. It suits perfectly with the Nepali saying “ The nearest one is the most ignored one”. In the same manner, Langtang Valley Trek routes are also untravelled by the visitors.

Langtang Valley is the northern beauty of Nepal, home to beautiful landscapes, mountains and peoples. The Langtang Valley Trek Route will take you to the height of Kyanjin Gompa(3800m). You’ll walk over the most wonderful trails to complete this entire Langtang Valley Trek.

The most of the trail is through the shadows of the Rhododendron, Oak and Bamboo trees. The greenery of the Langtang region will wrap you tightly and the mountains will never leave your eyesight. The irresistible peaks like Langtang Li(7245m), Dorje Lakpa(6,990), Langtang Ri(6,370m).

Within the few days of the trek, you will reach the rich wild area. The area that homes some of the rare floras and faunas. You’ll walk over the dense vegetation and your nose and lung will thank you later.

Don't worry, your eyes will also stroll with greenery around and to encounter some wildlife as well. The forests of the Langtang forests are highly habituated by the Himalayan deer, Monkeys, Red Pandas.

The Langtang Valley Trek trails will make you walk by the Monasteries, Gompas and mani walls to explore the Buddhist art and tradition. Also, you will walk along the yards of the Tamang tribes to get a brief insight into their lives. Tamang tribes migrated from northern part Tibet, still holding the showcase of Tibetan culture.

If you have reached here reading all the above overview of the Langtang Valley Trek. You have surely decided to embark on the Langtang Valley Trek. And now you need the detailed descriptions about the Langtang Valley Trek Route.

Here we are providing you with every inch of information for the Langtang Valley trek route. Happy Reading! At the end of the article, you’ll get every knowledge about the Langtang Valley routes.

Table of Contents

Just like other treks, the Langtang Valley Trek also starts from Kathmandu. But, you may have the question about where next after Kathmandu?. Well, we have the answer. There are two routes to reach Langtang Valley: Syabrubesi Route and Sundarijal Route.

Both of the routes are equally scenic and adventurous. However, Syabrubesi Route is more popular among the trekkers than the Sundarijal Route. Let’s find why the Syabrubesi route is in demand and Why Sundarijal Route is underscored.

The further article will bring all the information about each of the Langtang Valley Trek Routes:

Syabrubesi Route:

Langtang Valley Trek RouteFirst thing first, the Syabrubesi route is the most walked route for the Langtang Valley Trek and other Langtang region Trek. Syabrubesi is the gateway to the most beautiful treks of the Langtang region. Other than Langtang Valley Trek, Syabrubesi welcomes visitors to Lake Gosaikunda Trek, Tamang Heritage Trail Trek, and other Langtang region treks. So there is no problem to call Syabrubesi, Stairway to Heaven.

Syabrubesi is the starting point of the Syabrubesi route of Langtang Valley Trek which is at a distance of 140km north from Kathmandu. And, it takes only 7 to 8 hrs of a picturesque ride starting from Kathmandu through Prithivi Highway and Trishuli-Rasuwagadhi Highway. You can reach Syabrubesi by Local Bus, Jeep Ride, and Tourist Bus. The transportation medium is variable to your choice and preference.

If you want to visit the Langtang Valley Trek on your own, you have to join either Local Bus or Jeep Ride. And if you are through any Trekking Company, they will manage the Tourist Bus for Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. There is no worry about the Tourist Bus as the trekking company will do for you. But, if you are thinking of reaching Syabrubesi via Jeep and Local Bus, you will need facts about the rides.

How to reach Syabrubesi from Kathmandu

Via Local Bus

The local bus is the most popular and most economic way to reach Syabrubesi. The Local Buses of Nepal are mostly packed and rigid. You have to travel with local people by sharing the bus ride. This can be a new and memorable experience for you. The local bus to Syabrubesi leaves from Machhapokhari Bus Park of Kathmandu.

The normal departure time of Local Bus from the bus park is around 7 to 9 am every day. To get a good front seat, you have to either pre-book the ticket or have to come to the bus park earlier than others. On the local bus, the seat position is very important as the last standing seat can bounce like hell.

The fare for Syabrubesi is around 7 to 8 USD depending upon the bus type and model. Local Buses normally take 9 to 10 hours to reach Syabrubesi from Kathmandu. The time can alter with every number of the pause that the bus takes while riding to Syabrubesi.

Via Local Jeep/Private Jeep

Jeep is another way to reach Syabrubesi through roads. This is less time consuming and a bit expensive alternative to Local Bus. You can get Local Jeep or Private jeep for going to Syabrubesi. The Local jeep fare is around 800 to 1000 Nepali rupees where you have to share rides with strangers.

To avoid strangers, you can book Private Jeep which costs around 15000 Nepalese currency and 6-7 people can share the ride. If you are in your group, the private jeep is the best option available. You will share the ride with your close ones.

Detailed Itinerary of Syabrubesi Route

The Syabrubesi route starts and ends at Syabrubesi itself. This Syabrubesi route runs through stops like Lama Hotel, Langtang Village, Kyanjin Gompa. And on return, you have to retrace the same route to arrive back at Syabrubesi. The detailed Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary for Syabrubesi route is as below:

Syabrubesi to Lama Hotel

The Syabrubesi Langtang Valley Trek Route starts with the walk from Syabrubesi to Lama Hotel(2480m). The Syabrubesi to Lama Hotel trek is approximately 11.3km long and takes around 6 to 7 hours of walk.

You’ll start following the riverbed trails of the Bhote Koshi Khola(river). And crossing bridges over the river you will arrive in the dense forest of the Oaks and then to the Bamboo village.

Descending from Bamboo village you will reach the bank of Langtang Khola. And then you will ascend the hill to reach the Lama Hotel. Lama Hotel area is the hotel and lodge area which hosts the first-day rest of the Langtang Valley Trek. You can enjoy the sights of the snow-filled mountains from the Lama Hotel. Night stay at Lama Hotel.

Lama Hotel to Langtang Valley

The route from Lama Hotel to Langtang Valley is around 15km long. And, the normal trekker takes an average of 5 to 6hrs to walk this particular route. The first hill climb of the day will take you to the Ghodatabela(Horse Stable).

Ghodatabela is the popular stop of the Langtang Valley Trek Route via Syabrubesi, people stop here for the rest and lunch. The route then takes upward to the Langtang Village. Langtang Village(3540m) is the dense settlement of the Tamangs.

They show the bright display of their Tibetan influenced culture. Langtang village also hosts wonderful views of mountains and landscapes of the Langtang region. Overnight at Langtang Valley.

Langtang Valley to Kyanjin Gompa

Langtang Valley Trek RouteLangtang Valley to Kyanjin Gompa is the difference of 9.7km distance. And the Langtang Valley to Kyanjin Gompa trail is covered within 3 to 4hrs of the walk. This route starts with the steep hill climb towards the vegetation filled forest. This day will demand your regular ascend as you will touch down the Kyanjin Gompa(3817m).

With the one more scenic uphill climb, you will land in the most beautiful vicinity of this entire Langtang Valley Trek Route. Kyanjin Gompa is the last up point of the Langtang Valley Trek. It is the major settlement of the unique Tamang tribes.

Here, you can enjoy the view of the sky-touching peaks like Mt Langtang Lirung(7234m), Mt Langtang Ri(7205m), Dorje Lakpa(6966m). Also, you can rotate your eyes over the beautiful pasture lands with Yak grazing over.

Kyanjin Gompa is full of good places to visit. From the Cheese factory to Tsergo Ri(5033m) you can opt to go anywhere near Kyanjin Gompa. All of all places are equally worthy and beautiful. Overnight at Kyanjin Gompa.

Homecoming Trek

The one-way Syabrubesi starting Langtang Valley Trek Route ends here at Kyanjin Gompa. Your feet will retrace your earlier footprints for homecoming. On the first day, you will fall back to Lama Hotel from Kyanjin Gompa. It will take around 6 hours to reach Lama Hotel, all the distance in just one day. Most of the returning trails are descending one so it becomes much quicker than ascend. You will stay at Lama Hotel overnight.

Next morning, you will kick off the final trek day of Langtang Valley Trek. The route will make you descend from Lama Hotel to Syabrubesi. In just 5 hours you will reach here back at the Syabrubesi, the starting point of this Langtang Valley Trek Route. And then, the scenic highway ride will take you to Kathmandu.

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Sundarijal Route

Sundarijal starting Langtang Valley Trek Route is the alternative to the most popular Syabrubesi route. Sundarijal, also the gateway of the popular Helambu Trek, provides the longer route for the trekker to do Langtang Trek. Sundarijal Route is much longer in comparison to the Syabrubesi route.

The Syabrubesi route takes a minimum of 6 days to complete Langtang Valley Trek. Whereas, the Sundarijal route takes at least 13 days to make back home. So, this Sundarijal route is for those who want to enjoy a long nature walk.

This Sundarijal route moves forward and meets the same route of the Syabrubesi Route at the Lama Hotel. The Sundarijal route of Langtang Valley Trek is the least traveled route. It is famous because it includes the most famous and sacred Gosaikunda Lake on the itinerary.

You’ll pass this sacred lake on your way to the Langtang Valley Trek route. The starting point of this route is Sundarijal(1463m) located just 15km away from Kathmandu. The driving time is just around 40 to 60 minutes from Kathmandu to Sundarijal.

You might be wondering how to follow Langtang Valley Trek Route from Kathmandu. Don’t worry! We will impart every detail here: How to reach Sundarijal from Kathmandu and Detailed Itinerary of Sundarijal inspired Langtang Valley Trek Route.

How to reach Sundarijal from Kathmandu

Via Local Bus

You can get to Sundarijal by picking the local bus from Old Bus Park( beside Ratnapark). The bus fare is around 50 to 100 Nepalese currency for the 1-hour bus ride to Sundarijal from Kathmandu. The bus ride will start from the center of the city and lead towards the woods and hills.

You can pick the Sundarijal bus from Jorpati or Bouddha as well if you’re staying near Ringroad. The bus will tear the dust clouds of the rough roads and make you arrive at Sundarijal.

Via Private Cab/Taxi

If you want to avoid hassle local buses, the Private cab is the best deal for you. It is also the quickest way to reach Sundarijal. With your booking, the cab will drop you at Sundarijal within half-hour only.

The taxi charges around 1500 to 2000 Nepalese currency for the Kathmandu-Sundarijal drop. You can pause on your way to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Pashupatinath Temple and Bouddhanath Stupa.

Detailed Itinerary of Sundarijal Route

The Sundarijal route of Langtang Valley Trek starts from the Sundarijal itself and ends at the Syabrubesi. You can end it in Sundarijal also but that way you have to walk for longer days around 10 to 15 days. It is a long journey to walk, so the Langtang Valley trek ends at Syabrubesi to make it short. The detailed Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary of Sundarijal Route is as below:

Sundarijal to Chisapani

Langtang Valley Trek RoutesSundarijal-starting Langtang Valley Trek Route starts with the trek from Sundarijal(1463m) to Chisapani(2134m). This trek is done within 4 to 5hrs of the walk which covers a total distance of 10.6km. You’ll walk over the steep stone stairways that are placed in the trail of the dense forest. Moving forward will bring you in front of the gate of the Shivapuri National Park.

Shivapuri National Park, the nearest national park from Kathmandu has ample of the endangered floras and faunas. You’ll push yourself for the final time for the day to ground you at Chisapani. Chisapani is the hill station that provides the alluring views of Ganesh Himal, Dorje Lakpa, Manaslu and several other peaks. Overnight at Chisapani.

Chisapani to Gul Bhanjyang

After the early sunrise and breakfast, You’ll walk towards Gul Bhanjyang by leaving Chisapani behind. You’ll need to walk 5 to 6 hours to reach Gul Bhanjyang before the darkness. You will take a short rest at Pati Bhanjyang and then restart the hike upwards on the steep hill.

Then the trail will take you to Thodang Betini and after one more descend through a forest will drop you in Gul Bhanjyang(2285m). Overnight at Gul Bhanjyang.

Gul Bhanjayang to Tharepati

Tharepati is 5 to 6hrs of walk distance from Gul Bhanjayang. So, you will march on the trails toward Tharepati with a steep ascend. Then you will approach Kutumsang hill point which provides the awe-inspiring view of the green terrains and snow capped mountains.

Moving forward through the vegetation filled forest you arrive at the dusk destination. Tharepati(3640m). This place also provides wow views of the peaks along with the insight into the local culture. Overnight at Tharepati.

Tharepati to Gopte

With 5 to 6hrs of day walk, you’ll reach Gopte(3440m) before the sun drops away. The trails will run you like a rollercoaster, with regular ascends and descends.

Walking like a rollercoaster ride you will reach Gopte. The bottle of water and rest will come handy here on this particular day. Gopte is another beautiful settlement of the Tamangs that offers the unbeatable views of the mountain vistas. Overnight at Gopte.

Gopte to Gosaikunda

 Langtang Valley Trek RouteOn this day you will hike towards the famous and sacred Gosaikunda Lake Trek. The trek takes 6 to7 hours to reach Gosaikunda. Before arriving at Gosaikunda, you’ll walk over the leaves of the pine and oak trees. Crossing the forest will take you to Phedi base and then you’ll walk uphill tracks of the stony ice belts.

Before reaching Gosaikunda you’ll cross cold water streams and rough glacier stones. Gosaikunda has special religious importance among Hindus. Aside from pilgrimage, people visit this place to enjoy the lake and terrain views. During the winter season, this place looks nymphly covered with the snow belt, making it white beauty. And, the reflection of the mountains on the lake is awe-inspiring. Overnight at Gosaikunda.

Gosaikunda to Lauri Binayak

You’ll have to walk for 4 hours to reach Lauri Binayak from Gosaikunda. Firstly, you will descend from the hill of Gosaikunda Lake to the religious temple of Shakamuni. Get some blessings there and walk toward Lauribinyak(3920m). On your way, you will touch down siblings of Gosaikunda Lake, Saraswati Kunda, Bhairab Kunda. And after a few more trek hours, you will reach your final destination of the day, Lauribinayak. Overnight at Lauri Binayak.

Lauri Binayak to Shin Gompa

Your long desire of viewing Buddhist gompas will come true today. You will start the day trek of 5 hours from Lauri Binayak to Shin Gompa. Your route will fall through the beautiful jungle that is home to endangered wildlife. You may notice some rare Red Pandas roaming around the trees. Finishing the forest trail you will reach the ridge from where you can enjoy scenic views of the mountain vistas.

And a few more walk hours will take you to the Shin Gompa. Shin Gompa(3330m) is a religious viewpoint to observe the beautiful landscape of the Langtang region. While in Shin Gompa, you can also visit the traditional cheese factory and stroll around the greenery of this place. Overnight at Shin Gompa.

Shin Gompa to Thulo Syabru

Shin Gompa to Thulo Syabru is a distance of 5 to 6hours hike over the beautiful terrain. The forest roofs will never leave you on this trail, each day you will get fresh woods air and smell. The forests are densely dotted with the tall trees of Rhododendrons and oaks.

Besides trees, the mountains in the backdrop will always be there waiting for your glance at them. Forest and mountain will hide all your pain and tiredness, making your trek as comfortable as possible. You’ll spend your day hours crossing beautiful trails and finally making it to Thulo Syabru(2000m). Overnight at Thulo Syabru.

Thulo Syabru to Lama Hotel

You’ll walk for 5 to 6 hours to reach Lama Hotel from Thulo Syabru. Lama Hotel is the connecting point of the Syabrubesi and Sundarijal Langtang Valley Trek Route. From Lama Hotel, the both of the routes follow the same trail. This route will regularly ascend and descend through the beautiful settlements of the Tamang communities. The mountains will be closer than before, you can get lost in the beauty of the mountains.

Few more trek hours through the forest laps you will arrive at the beautiful Lama Hotel site. This place has some hotels at the hill providing the stay to the tourists. You can enjoy a nice bedtime and meal here at the Lama Hotel after the long tiring trek. Overnight at Lama Hotel.

Lama Hotel to Kyanjin Gompa

On this route, you will meet some trekkers from the Syabrubesi route. You will walk for 5 to 6 hours to reach Kyanjin Gompa. This day can be tough for you, as it includes steep climbs through forest ways. The way is also rough and stone shaped making a bit difficult to walk on.

After the endurance of the rough trails, you will reach Kyanjin Gompa(3817m). Kyanjin Gompa is the highest point of the Langtang Valley trek where you can enjoy scenic mountain views all the way around.

Optionally, you can trek up to the nearest pass, Tsergo Ri(5033m). It is a beautiful hike towards Tsergo Ri, reaching there you will see the panoramic views of the Langtang mountains and hills. Or, you can stroll around the alleys of the village to understand the lifestyle and cultures of the Tamang tribes.

Return from Kyanjin Gompa to Langtang Valley

 Langtang Valley Trek RouteAfter finally reaching Kyanjin Gompa, it's now time for the Homecoming. But before straight return, you’ll tour around Langtang Village(Valley). You’ll need 5 to 6 hours of the walk to trek back to Langtang Valley. The fall back is easier as it mostly includes descending.

After arrival at Langtang Valley, you can explore the lifestyles, cultures, foods and traditions of the Tamang ethnic. They show the bright display of Tibetan culture after all their culture is highly influenced by northern culture. Other than cultural displays this village also hosts wow-inspiring views of the snow-capped mountains.

Homecoming Trek

Your one-way trek has completed here, now its return trek towards your home. So, you will start to fall down by retracing the same uphill footprints of yours. On the first day, you will aim to return back to Lama Hotel before sunset. And the very next day, you will join the route to reach Syabrubesi(1500m). Syabrubesi is the shortest route for returning home from Langtang Valley Trek.

Trek from Lama Hotel to Syabrubesi is done in one day with an average of the 5 to 6 hours walk. Overnight will be at Syabrubesi before the morning bus ride to Kathmandu. The next morning you will start the 7 to 8 hours scenic ride to the capital, Kathmandu. And finally, your wonderful Langtang Valley Trek ends here at Kathmandu. You’ll pack your luggage and run to the airport for the home return.

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