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Visit Nepal 2020

The Government of Nepal along with the Tourism Board is collectively working to make the Visit Nepal 2020 a success. The government has visioned to welcome around two million travelers in Nepal in the Tourism Year 2020. To meet the target the government is making plans and implementing those rules and regulations regarding the Tourism related infrastructures in different tourist spots in Nepal.

To meet this target, every sector both the private and government related to the tourism industry are working hard to develop different tourism related infrastructures. This includes the construction of Teahouses with extra facilities, development of the motorable roads in the various trekking routes, construction of the different health centers and recreational centers, maintenance of the trekking/ hiking or travel routes and so on.

All the sectors related to the tourism sector are working to provide the best of the service so that the travelers will have an easy visit to Nepal in 2020.

With the celebration of 2020 as a Nepal Visit Year, the government plans to ensure the prosperity and economic boom in the country through the tourism-related activities. So, why not contribute to the development of the economically underprivileged country?

Book your trip now! And welcome to Nepal for ‘Visit Nepal 2020’. Check how Visit Nepal 2020 evolves.

Why should you visit Nepal in 2020?

Cultural Tour

Nepal is a country of cultural and ethnic variation. People of a different identity, socio-economic background, language and ethnic identity live here harmoniously. In every hours distance, you will find a different ethnic community with a unique identity. Plus, Nepal is a land of culture that has been followed since centuries.

In Kathmandu, you can take cultural visits around the three Durbar Squares that are the major attractions of the valley. While, if you go higher in the Himalayan region you will witness the chortens and mani walls on the premises of the century-old monasteries.

While in the Terai region the ancient Mithila painting and the unique pot making traditions of the Madhesi people. And, based on the season of your visit you will witness different types of cultural celebrations.

If you come to Nepal in October- November then you get chance to partake in Dashain and Tihar festival. While the month of April- September in the Kathmandu valley is a time of Jatras like Bisket, Gai Jatra, Indra Jatra. And November in Terai is the time of Chhath festival.

Likewise, you get to celebrate Losar festivals in the mountainous region in the different time of the year. In all these celebrations, you will get a chance to closely observe the culture of different groups, their unity, and unique cultural identity.

Nepalese people are happy to showcase their uniqueness to others and they will be happy to welcome you for the celebrations and dinner. What an amazing time you will spend with the people of unique identity.

Pilgrimage Tour

Nepal proudly preserves different temples, monasteries, rivers, and lakes that are very popular places of Pilgrimage and spiritual cleansing. On visiting these places of purgation, you will feel peace and can spend time exploring the antique sculptures and architecture that bejewels your center of devotion.

While in Kathmandu you can pay a visit to the biggest temple of Lord Shiva- Pashupatinath. Or, you can visit Changu Narayan temple, Patan- Krishna Mandir, Budhanilkantha, and other temples for your mind’s satisfaction. Or, you can visit SwayambhuNath, Boudhanath, and many such monasteries for spiritual peace.

While you can also visit Muktinath Temple in Mustang or travel downwards to Terai to visit Ram Janaki Temple. These all places are clad in exquisite beauty and satisfy your religious quests. In addition, if you wish to dive into the holy lakes to wash away your impurity and sins, you can opt for GosaiKunda tour. This is a place prominent for Buddhist and Hindu from all around the world. There is a belief that if you dive in the holy, ice-cold water of the lake all your sins get washed away.

Do not forget to make a cultural tour to Lumbini- Birthplace of Gautam Buddha while you are in Nepal. Here, you will get a chance to explore the birthplace and the history of Buddha’s birth. Plus, you get to stroll around more than 300 monasteries built by different countries in commemoration of Lord Buddha and his divinity.

Since Nepalese are a true believer of religious tolerance they will welcome you with warm smiles. They don't really care which religion, the culture you belong to. So, you are free to join religious pilgrimage in any part of Nepal.

Note that, these monuments are open any time of the year. So, you can pay a visit according to your preferences. If you are lucky, you get chance to partake in the different celebrations that go around the pilgrim sites on special dates.

pokhara city

Adventurous Tour

Nepal is a country of varied topography. You will notice three geographical divisions in Nepal- Upper Himalayan region, hilly region, and the Terai region. With such topographical variation, you find innumerable adventures to do. From trekking in high altitudes to Jungle Safari in the Terai region, many activities keep you engaged.

Do you love walking in the rugged terrains enjoying the pristine surrounding? And, love talking to different locals and bypassers on the route, then you can opt for different short and longer hikes and treks in Nepal. If you want and feel to experience the high altitude cold, then better go for high altitude mountainous treks.

Some include treks to Everest Region, Annapurna Region, Manaslu Region, Langtang Region, Mustang Region, Kanchenjunga Region, Dolpo region, and many other regions in Nepal.

However, you can opt for short treks in different places. Like Poon Hill trek, Sundarijal-Chisapani Trek, Mardi Himal trek, Siklesh Trek, Panchase trek, and many others.

If you are more eager for water sports you can go for rafting in different rivers like Bhotekoshi, Trishuli, Kali Gandaki, Seti, Sunkoshi, and other fast flowing rivers. Or, you can choose to involve in the heart-wrenching Bungee jumping, canyoning, rock climbing, and other such daring activities.

If you wish to catch a bird’s eye views of Pokhara valley, you can go for skydiving or paragliding. Or you can do boating in the Fewa and Begnas Lake and enjoy the most scenic views of the lake and the bordering hillocks.

Plus, if you want something different than your usual holidays, then you can go honey hunting in the higher caves in Annapurna region. It is a thrilling adventure but sweetens your mouth as well.

Sightseeing Tour

Nepal is a country with the most scenic vegetations and topography. Everywhere you go, you will feel enticed with the varying landscapes, forests, waterfalls, and rivers.

If you like to go sightseeing around Kathmandu, then there are numerous options available for you. You can either travel to Nagarkot, or Dhulikhel for the amazing sunrise views and the landscape views. Or, if you want to catch a glimpse of the 360-degree view of Kathmandu valley then you can travel to Ranikot or Chandragiri, or Phulchowki, or Shivapuri, or many other hillocks surrounding the valley.

If you wish to go on sightseeing tours in Pokhara then you can hike to Sarangkot or Panchase Danda, or Pooh Hill, or Ghandruk Village. You can either drive to these places or you can go on short hikes to these places. The scenic views, moderate weather, and the wonderful pathways make the sightseeing tours around this place a memorable one.

The amazing forest resources in the Terai region of Nepal is no less alluring. You get a chance to explore the diverse flora, fauna, and millions of wildflowers in the tour. Not to miss is the breathtaking sunset views in the Rapti River.

While with a trek of a few days, you will reach the most scenic places in Nepal. The Manaslu region, Annapurna region, Everest region, Langtang region, etc have the landscapes that resemble a photographic setup in the backdrop of giant snow-covered peaks.

Plus, the fishing activities of the local farmers in the SaptaKoshi River during the sunset is simply amazing. Go for it, this is the most alluring sight that everyone craves for.

Ecological Tours

Nepal is a country rich in biodiversity and geographical variations. The different forests that differ with a change in altitude is a home for diverse flora and fauna. Among which, some are only found in Nepal.

If you are around Kathmandu, you can visit the botanical garden at Godawari, Lalitpur for exploring the diverse flora and fauna of the valley. Or, you can go on hikes to Shivpuri National Park, or to the Shivapuri Nagarjun Conservation Area to explore the hardwood forest on the rims of Kathmandu valley.

In the jungles of Nepal, you will find thousands of species of medicinal herbs, birds, butterflies, animals, and wetlands. So, you can do your ecological tour in the crisp surrounding.

If you trek or travel higher in the mountainsides, you will experience the Alpine vegetations in an abundance. While if you trip down to the Terai region, you will witness the evergreen lush forests with the diverse specialties.

In this country, you will find immense diversity in the ecosystem, vegetations, and the landscapes. Such diversity allows your fruitful ecological tours in Nepal.

20 Best Places in Nepal to Visit in 2020

Durbar Squares in the Valley

Kathmandu valley is the city of temples and monuments. There are uncountable temples and the three durbar squares in the valley. These monuments are like the cherry on the pie for the valley.

The Kathmandu Durbar Square, also called Basantpur Durbar Square, has many architectures in its premises. The Gaddi Baithak, Taleju Bhawani Temple, House of Living Goddess Kumari, the big stone statue of Kaal Bhairav, Hanuman Dhoka Durbar, and many others.

The monuments like (storey temple and Kasthamandap, and several other monuments) are going through the process of reconstruction. So, it’s a bonus for you! You can also contribute to the reconstruction as well.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square, also called Bhadgaon is a living museum of the valley with different monuments preserved inside its premise. The 55 storey temple, Taleju Bhawani Temple, 5 storey temple, Bhairav temple, Dattatreya temple, old Durbars, Golden Gate, Siddha Pokhari, and several other ponds add the beauty of this small town.

Patan Durbar is a home for the famous Krishna Mandir, old Durbars, the big bell, a statue of Siddhi Narsingh Malla, the age-old carvings, golden taps, museums, Baglamukhi temple, Kumbeshwar Temple and many other historical remnants.

These durbar areas have preserved the ancient history from Malla Period, 15th century. The ancient wood carvings, stone sculptures, and the wall architectures make these places worth visiting.

Also, since these places are going through the process of reconstruction after the Gorkha Earthquake in 2015, you can have the privilege of contributing to the reconstruction process by visiting and spending time on these living places.

Lomantang Mustang

Lo Manthang

Lo Manthang is a culturally popular place in the Upper Mustang region in western Nepal. This place rests on the rain shadow area of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges. So, this rain shadow area is accessible even in the monsoon season in Nepal.

Lo Manthang is the ancient Himalayan village of Thakali people with their unexploited culture and the unique lifestyles. If you visit this place in Visit Nepal 2020 you get to walk to the grand palace of King Lo and the village enclosed within the white walls.

Also, as you walk to this region, you get to follow in the footsteps of the ancient salt traders as they used to walk from the village for trading with Tibet. And, if lucky you get to see the yak caravans and the yak herds in the rugged terrains of the Upper Mustang region.

To get to the place you can either go on treks or you can take a jeep ride to the Upper Mustang. Whatever way you use to visit the region, the grand canyons, caves, and the deserted lands of the region always welcomes you warmly. But, since it is a restricted region, Government checks the number of people visiting the place each year. Only limited travelers can enter the region in a year, so it is wise to pre-book the travel.

For this you can share your preferences and convenience, we will plan the best trip for you.

Khaptad National Park

Khaptad National Park is the land of natural beauty and the marshy land with the exotic waterfalls and the vegetations. This place has a religious significance as well because it is the meditation spot of Khaptad Baba who meditated on the place for many years and discovered several medicinal plants as well.

There are many religious spouts, jungles, lake, and the marshy area inside the national park. So, if you visit Khaptad National Park then you are not only doing the ecological tour but the religious, cultural and the spiritual tours to the land of tranquility. This is the least-known and least-explored region in Far-Western Nepal.

This is a land of diverse vegetations, flora, fauna and the medicinal herbs. The serene Khaptad Lake and the crisp views of Mt. Api and Mt. Saipal in the tranquil surrounding is the most notable highlights of this place.

You can go on trekking in this national park, or you can join the helicopter tours to explore the exotic beauty of the Khaptad National Park and dive in its tranquility. March-May and October - November is the best time to visit this place. So, why not plan the trip to Khaptad National Park in Visit Nepal 2020?

Bardiya National Park

The tour to Bardiya National Park takes you to the worlds of diverse flora and fauna along with the ethnic settlements of Tharu people on the western region of Nepal. This is the biggest national park in Nepal which is a home of lush forests, grassland, savannah, and riverine forests.

This is among the least explored national parks in Nepal, so you will have a must peaceful time while visiting this region. You get to catch a sight of different endangered species of plants and animals in their natural habitat.

While in the Bardiya National Park tour, you get to explore the lifestyles of the Tharu people and spend time with them as you can enjoy homestay facilities there. Not to forget, Bardiya is a home of diverse birds and butterflies. Once in this place, the birds, animals, plants, babbling rivers, and the vast grasslands will keep you enticed all along the trip.

On this trip, you can go on jungle walks, or you can do a jeep safari to explore the habitat of millions of flora and the fauna of the region. The fishing and boating experience in Karnali and Babai River is a not to miss the opportunity of this trip.

All in all this tour promises you the adventurous yet exotic jungle tours full of wonders and amusements. So, visit Bardiya National park in Tourism Year 2020 and get the most out of this trip


Chisapani is an amazing place full of adventure and wonders which is not very far from Kathmandu. The village lies on the northern hillock of Kathmandu valley inside the Shivapuri National Park. In the village, there is a lake called as Chisapani Lake which is among the popular marshy land near the valley.

En route to the village, you walk through the lush forests of rhododendrons, oaks, and other hardwood trees. The jungle is a home of diverse flora and fauna. So, in this Chisapani trek, you will have an amazing time as you get to encounter the Tamang people in the villages like Mulkharka and Chisapani. Knowing them closely and exploring their everyday activities being a part of it is such a moment of bliss for you.

And, most famous is the spectacular views of sunrise from behind the Langtang ranges from the Chisapani village. It is truly a mesmerizing experience.


Chitwan National Park, Sauraha is the ultimate point for wildlife views in Nepal. The national park lies in Terai region of Nepal which is also called the food factory of the country. You can visit the place any time of the year and explore the diverse flora, fauna, and wildlife of the region.

And, you can catch the alluring sunset views in the Rapti River. While in Sauraha you can visit Elephant Breeding Centre, Wildlife museums, and involve in jungle safari, elephant rides, boating in Rapti River and many more.

And, in the evening you can relax by viewing the cultural dances of the Tharu people of the region. The place offers a wonderful blend of nature and the people living together in harmony.


Nepal is a country where Gautam Buddha, the light of Asia, was born and his birthplace is Lumbini. This is among the sacred place for the Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world. Plus, it is also a place of blissful peace. You can attain the spiritual satisfactions while hovering around the numerous monasteries and gardens in Lumbini.

The temple of Maya Devi, where Lord Buddha was supposed to have taken birth, is the heart of Lumbini. Also, there are remnants from the time of Buddha's’ birth. So, it is also a notable place for historians seeking for the history of Buddha and Buddhism.

Palpa/ Rani Mahal

Palpa is a typical town on the western part of Nepal. The place is synonymous to “Dhaka”- special Nepali fabric which is considered to be one of the warmest fabric in Nepal. The ancient settlements of Newar people on the hillock and the existence of historically significant buildings makes this place remarkable.

And, the place is even more popular because of “Rani Mahal”- also called as Nepal’s Taj Mahal. This is a big palace built by Rana ruler Kahdga Sumsher Rana in memory of his beloved queen. The palace stands exotically on the banks of the Kali Gandaki river which preserves the history of ancient rulers.

Also, the forest on the neighboring hillock of the place is a home to hundreds of butterflies and flowers. So, why not visit this naturally spell bounding place?


Janakpur is the home of Janaki Temple- a historical temple 135 km southeast of Kathmandu valley. The present name of Janakpur comes from “Mithila”- the home of people following Maithili culture.

The special Mithila paintings on the walls of the household and its reflection in different pots, bags add beauty to this region. You can visit the temple at any time of the day but the early evening is the best time. The whole temple shines in lights and flowers along with the prayers and mantra chantings.

There are different ponds, streets around the temple which gives you a glimpse of the lifestyle of Terai people.


Popular as the “Monkey Temple”, Swayambhunath has the biggest stupa atop the hillock on the west of Kathmandu valley. The stupa is among the oldest in Nepal which is surrounded by different shrines and monasteries with the prayer flags flapping every moment.

A place is a place of peace and spiritual satisfaction. Plus, the hillock offers the best view of the valley. And, if you visit the place during the night you will enjoy the view of the valley illuminating in the lights.

This is a popular shrine for Buddhists from around the world. And, the long stairs on the eastern slope and small shrines surrounding the main stupa add beauty to the place.


This is a cool place for water fun and chills about 15 km north of Kathmandu valley. The place is a gateway to Shivapuri National park plus the trek head to Chisapani trek. This is an ideal place to watch the waterfalls and enjoy the chilling surrounding not far from the city.

The rushing rivers, massive boulders, side views of the lush forests and the settlements downhill adds beauty to your trip. Plus, the Sundarija reservoir and the small temple of Sundari Mai is the major attraction of the place.

On this trip, you will have the privilege of walking on the heart of lush forests of rhododendron, oaks, pines, and different wildflowers and vegetation. The place is a better option to practice rock climbing, canyoning, and short hiking.

Pasupatinath Temple Pashupatinath Temple

This is a travel destination in the heart of Kathmandu Valley. The place has its name after Lord Shiva who is supposed to be the savior of every living being on Earth. In the temple premise, you can see different inns and religious spouts which have the significance of their own.

And, the main temple is a living museum of erotic art and sculptures. The main temple rests on the bank of Bagmati River which is among the nation’s biggest cremation spot. And, you will also get to enjoy the popular prayers if you visit the place during the dusk.

The park on the hillock on the other side of the temple is the best place to chill in the afternoons.


This is a trip to the other side of the mountain ie. You will be exploring the rainshadow area of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. The place has its name after the popular Muktinath Temple- a prominent cultural and spiritual spot for Buddhists as well as Hindus.

On traveling this place, you get to explore the popular apple orchards in Marpha and taste the local wine as well. This trip will take you through the deepest gorge in Nepal- the Kali Gandaki gorge. Also, you will be crossing different bridges, cascading rivers, waterfalls, and the rustic Himalayan settlements. The place has 108 popular waterspouts which people believe cleanses the sin if one takes bath in those spouts.


GosaiKunda is an exotic lake on the Langtang region of Nepal. This is among the short yet, the most adventurous travel destinations near Kathmandu. This is a holy lake which is significant for both Hindu as well as Buddhists.

The place has a famous GosaiKunda (4380 meters) lake along with 108 other glacial lakes. On this Gosaikunda trip, you cross several exotic settlements of Tamang people in lower altitudes whereas you will encounter Sherpa people as you ascend higher.

En route you get to witness the Tibetan-Buddhist practices of the locals along with the flapping prayer flags and chortens. To reach this pristine lake, you walk through different boulders, passes, hillocks, rivers, and waterfalls. The route is full of adventures and amusement.

Poon Hill

Poon Hill is the popular vantage point for the best views of Annapurna ranges and other neighboring peaks in the Annapurna ranges. The stunning peaks you will see from the Poon Hill includes Dhaulagiri ranges, Annapurna ranges, Mardi Himal, Hiunchuli, Nilgiri, and so on.

This is a hillock in Ghorepani village which offers the spectacular sunrise as well as sunset views. To reach to the top you climb for about an hour along the stone stairs which passes through the lush forests of rhododendrons.

If you visit Poon Hill during spring you will be awe-stricken by the view of mountains and the blooming rhododendrons in the foreground.


This is a hillside station popular for sightseeing in the Pokhara valley. This short and easy hiking spot offers many things to the travel enthusiasts. The name Sarangkot is synonymous to the sunrise views in Nepal. This place is the topmost popular spot for the best sunrise views.

During the sunrise, you will get to see the sun rising from behind the Machhapuchhre himal and the sky changing its color. Plus, this is the best spot to catch the 360-degree view of the Pokhara Valley as well as Hemja Valley.

The clear days promise you the stunning views of Dhaulagiri ranges, Annapurna ranges, Nilgiri, Hiunchuli peak, and other snow-covered peaks.

Plus, you can do paragliding from this pace and catch the bird-eye views of the valley.

Ghandurk Village Pokhara


Ghandruk is a typical Gurung village in the Annapurna region of Nepal. The place is popular for its typical settlements, the stone stairs, scattered households. Plus, the Gurung museum and the homestay services in the village is sure to give you a deep insight into the life and everyday activities of the hillside dwellers.

And, the major highlight of the place is the Stunning views of Machhapuchhre himal from every corner of the village. This is the village popular among the tourists for its beauty as well as the warm hospitality the locals provide. This is among the short and easy treks in Nepal.


Chandragiri is among the most popular tourist hub to witness the spectacular views of the Kathmandu valley along with the mountainscapes surrounding the valley.  You can either hike up to the hillock for around 4 hours or reach to the top to get a relaxing smile on your face and body.

From the top of the hillock, you catch the eagle-eye views of the Kathmandu valley on the backdrop of the chain of Himalayan ranges on the northern border. And on reaching the hillock you walk through the lush hardwood forests or rhododendrons and hundreds of flora and fauna.

This is such a short and amazing spot for your short hikes or day trips around Kathmandu in 2020 Visit Nepal. For those who could not walk or wish to escape the sweaty hikes, then a cable car is also available in the area. From the base of the Chandragiri hillock, you can directly reach to the top to enjoy the views without shedding a drop of sweat. Sounds amazing! Right?

Langtang ValleyLangtang Valley

Langtang valley also called the valley of lakes is the exotic place close to Kathmandu valley which offers the most memorable time for the travelers. On this trip, you will get to explore the typical Tamang and Sherpa people along with the Hyolmo people of the Langtang region and know about their typical lifestyles.

The valley is also the live example of the destruction of the Gorkha Earthquake in 2015. The valley was completely buried under the huge mass of rocks and boulders flowing all the way for Langtang region. But now the locals have restored everything and the village is relocated to a new place.

The newer trail is constructed along with the new tea houses. So, your visit to the place in the tourism year 2020 allows you to witness the restoration process of the whole village and the settlement areas en route. On the trip to Langtang, if you have enough time you can also walk to Gosaikunda Lake and its neighboring 108 lakes in the valley

Plus, you can do a side trip to Helambu village to know more of the people and culture of the Langtang region.


Nagarkot is the popular tourist hub on the north-eastern outskirts of the valley. This hilltop has the most amazing sunrise/sunset view over the glistening peaks from Mt Everest in the East to the Langtang Himal. The place has a lush hardwood forest which is a home for many birds, animals, and butterflies.

At Nagarkot, you will find enough hotels and lodges with almost every facility. You do not have to compromise on your desires while staying in the place. Away from the bustles of the city, the place is peaceful with the most scenic views of the valley on the west whereas the views of different terraced farms and typical villages along with Melamchi River on the East.

 If you have time, you can visit the villages of the local Tamang people in the Naldum village and know about the history of Nagarkot associated with King Prithvi Narayan Shah. From scenic beauty to the cultural diversity, and the soulful recreational activities the place has many to offer to you on the Visit Nepal 2020.

Kathmandu in Visit Nepal 2020

Kathmandu city is the most popular city in Nepal. The city is the popular business hub of the valley and the entry point to Nepal because the only International Airport is in Nepal. In Kathmandu, you will get to enjoy the variation in the food and accommodation facilities as well as other recreational facilities ranging from basic to five-star. Depending on your budget you can choose where to stay and what to do in the bustling streets of Thamel and Basantapur.

For the visit Nepal 2020, the Tourism Board and Government are developing more hotels and teahouses, recreational spots for the tourists from different parts of the world. With the development of tourism infrastructures, you will have easy options for a comfortable stay, food, and other facilities while in the valley.

Plus, the concerned sector is working to provide the most efficient transportation facilities for the tourists to visit any part of the valley any time. While in Kathmandu, you will have a number of things to do during your visit in 2020 tourism year.

You can visit the historical monuments of the city like the three Durbar Squares in the valley. These monuments hold the ancient culture, tradition, and antique sculptures and history of the Kathmandu valley.

pokhara Lake

Pokhara in Visit Nepal 2020

Pokhara is the city of lakes and the awesome views in the western part of Nepal. The place is also the entry point to most of the trekking routes to the Annapurna region. At Pokhara, you will have easy accommodations in among the hundreds of hotels and lodges available in the valley.

Especially, for your arrival in 2020 visit Nepal, the Tourism office in Pokhara id working to develop tourism infrastructures to help make your trip comfortable with all the services handy.

Once in Pokhara, you have a number of things to do. You can either stroll around the bustling streets full of different pubs, bars, restaurants, and recreational centers. Or, you can enjoy your time peacefully hovering around the pathways on the bank of Fewa Lake. Or boating in Fewa, Begnas, and Rupa Lake is among the most pleasurable things you can do in Pokhara valley.

Or, you can go on short day hikes to the hillocks around the valley. Once in the hillocks, on a clear day, you will catch the spectacular views of the chain of Annapurna ranges, Dhaulagiri ranges, and Fishtail.

How to Get the Visa for Nepal in Visit Nepal 2020?

Unlike other nations, you can get the visa on arrival at the International Airport in Kathmandu.

The office of the Department of Immigration at the Airport easily provides you the visa on arrival. In Visit Nepal 2020 you may have to wait in a queue for the visa, but the process is quite fast and easy you do not have to wait for long. Plus, the immigration office is planning to provide the best services to the tourists on arrival without any delay.

After landing at the airport you will the ‘Tourist visa’ for the purpose of involving many activities in Nepal. For the visa, first, you should fill up the ‘Arrival Card’ and fill the ‘Online Tourist Visa’ form. You can fill it from the official website of the Department of Immigration, get the submission receipt with a barcode, print it. Then you have to pay for your visa, the cost depends on the number of days you will stay in Nepal. Then collect the payment receipt.

And, depending on your preference and convenience you can choose the number of days you will be staying in Nepal. Depending on this, the cost of your visa also differs. The visa fees are

USD 25 for 15 days

USD 40 for 30 days

USD 100 for 90 days

With the arrival form, tourist visa form, payment receipt you will get the visa by the visa officer. The process is quite easy. Also, for your arrival in 2020 tourism year, the government is working to provide efficient services without any delay and longer time. Plus, since the Gautam Buddha International Airport is planned to make ready by 2020, you will have a much easy time to get a visa from either of these airports in Nepal. 

Everest Base Camp Trekking

Cost of visiting in Visit Nepal 2020

Visiting Nepal is quite cheap than traveling in other places in the world. The cost you spend on food and accommodation is quite cheaper than other travel destinations. Depending on the place you plan to visit, the cost also differs.

In general, you need to get the permits and entry passes to enter almost every trekking spots in Nepal. And the cost of the permits depends on the place you visit. If you are visiting through the national parks and the conservation areas you need to get the National Park/ Conservation Area entry permit whose cost depends on the variation of the place.

And, for traveling to any places a TIMS card is a must as it collects all the information of the trekkers. Whereas if you plan to visit the restricted areas like Manaslu region, Upper Mustang, Dolpo region, you need to get a restricted area permit which is a bit high price than other permits in Nepal.

Plus the cost differs according to the season for these RAP permits. Besides permit, you will have to pay for the food and accommodation in Nepal. And, compared other tourist destinations in the world, the cost of food and accommodation is quite cheaper in Nepal. And, as the Visit Nepal 2020 is the government's initiative to promote tourism in Nepal, it will monitor the cost of food and accommodations, transportation, and other costs to make sure you feel comfortable. Also, many plans are made to check and ensure your money does not go wasted during your visit to Nepal in 2020.

To find about the cost details of various travel destinations in Nepal, please contact us.

Trekking in Nepal in Year 2020

Nepal is a land of mountains. There are different mountain ranges extending for the Eastern territory of Nepal to the west in the northern part of Nepal. And, these mountains are the basis for trekking in Nepal.

In most of the places, people opt for treks either to catch a glimpse of the sky-rocketing peaks, or trek to enjoy the snow and cold. Or, some trek to reach to the lap of the giant peaks and observe the peaks from close.

Many people go on treks to observe the lifestyles of the hillside and Himalayan region’s inhabitants. And, for the convenience of the trekkers and the travel enthusiasts, the treks in Nepal ranges from short treks to longer treks. While some are easy treks suitable for novice and trekkers of all age groups.

Whereas there are few treks which demand pre-trekking experiences. Depending on the geography you can either go on solo treks in Nepal or you must hire licensed guides and porters for your personal safety as well.

Some of the popular treks in Nepal you can opt for in Visit Nepal 2020 in different regions of Nepal are as follows:

Everest Region:Everest View Trek, Gokyo Valley Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek, Everest Base Camp Heli Trek, Chola Pass Trek, Everest Three High Pass Trek

Annapurna Region: Annapurna Panorama Trek, Tilicho lake with Annapurna Circuit Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Khayer Lake Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Ghorepani-Poon Hill-Ghandruk trek, Nar Phu Valley Trek, Ghorepani Poonhill trek.

Manaslu Region:Tsum Valley Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek

Langtang Region: Tamang Heritage Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, Langtang Circuit Trek, GosaiKunda Lake Trek

Mustang Region:Upper Mustang Trek, Jeep Drive tour to Upper Mustang

Nepal Government along with the local government and Nepal Tourism Board has made different plans and policies regarding trekking in Nepal. They are planning to welcome as many trekkers as possible in the Visit Nepal 2020 and provide them with the best services and security during their treks and travels in Nepal.

As a preparation different trek routes are constructed, managed, and maintained for the eas of the trekkers. Plus, the government has encouraged the locals to build the tea houses along different routes with the best services possible. The Home Stay program is also a part of the Government’s plan for the ease of the trekkers and travelers.

Mountaineering Expeditions in Visit Nepal 2020

Nepal is the land of mountains. It is a home of the highest peak in the world, the Mt. Everest. Nepal is the home of eight mountains over 8000 meters in the world whereas there are hundreds of other mountain peaks extending from the Eastern territory to the far- western territory on Nepal.

Several mountain peaks in Nepal includes Mt. Everest, Mt Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Annapurna ranges, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri ranges, Mardi Himal, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Island Peak, Mera Peak, Lobuche peak, and several other snow-covered peaks.

These mountain peaks offer the ultimate adventurous experience to the Mountaineers where they get to climb to the summit of such towering peaks. In Visit Nepal  2020 you get to climb these mountain peaks and collect the memories of the lifetime.

Some of the mountain expeditions you can do in Nepal Tourism Year 2020 are as follows:

Among these peaks Mt. Everest, Mt Manaslu, Lhotse, Ama Dablam requires different mountaineering training and technical skills. You must be an experienced climber to opt for these peaks. Without the prior experiences and technical skills on mountaineering, you will have a much difficult time for these real peaks over 7000 meters.

But with the general climbing skills and physical training, you can opt for the climbing peaks in Nepal. The climbing peaks in the Everest region are among the popular peaks which you can give an attempt during your visit to Nepal in 2020.

Depending on the peaks the cost of Island Peak Climbing is different from that of the Mera Peak climbing. While the Lobuche Peak is difficult on its own. But whatever, the difficulty of the mountains you can take training and attempt the real mountain expeditions if you have earlier expedition experiences.

If you are new to climbing, you can opt for the Peak climbing where we will arrange for your climbing and helping you boost your stamina.

Rafting and Water Sports in Visit Nepal 2020

Nepal is a home of hundreds of the cascading rivers and towering waterfalls. In almost every hillock, you will see the rivulets and streams flowing downhill making the babbles in the river.

Various rivers flow in Nepal in the highest speed and they flow downhill on passing through large boulders. And these fast flowing rivers are the source major attraction of Nepal because they offer rafting and other water sports in Nepal.

Many fast-flowing rivers in Nepal like Bhote Koshi, SunKoshi, Karnali, Trishuli, Marshyangdi, etc are waiting to offer the adventurous water sports in the Tourism Year 2020. These are many places where you can involve in the water sports and experience the real electrifying experiences in the real waves of the rivers.

Besides, rafting, you can do canyoning, rock climbing, and Bungee jumping in Nepal in Visit Nepal 2020. From the pleasant boating experience in Rapti, Rara Lake, Begnas Lake to the thrilling water sports in the fast flowing rivers, you will get to experience all these during your visit to Nepal in 2020.

To make your journey smooth and easy the tourism industry is promoting the youths to involve in such activities. They are being trained with the rafting and swimming skills so that they will be able to provide the best services to those interested in water sports and rafting in 2020 Nepal.

Food and Accommodation in Visit Nepal2020

As a preparation for the visit Nepal, 2020 Nepal Government has already started encouraging locals to build the necessary hotels, lodges, and tea houses in the popular touristic destinations.

Plus, the private hotel sector is working on adding 4000 new rooms in four and five-star category in Kathmandu, Chitwan, and Pokhara. Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal Government as well as various tourism-related companies are working now to ensure the best availability of food and accommodations for the tourists coming in Nepal in Visit Nepal 2020.

There are enough tea houses, hotels, and lodges in most tourist spots in Nepal. Their services may be different but they work on providing the best services possible. If you visit happening places like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini then you can spend luxurious time in different 3-star and 5-star hotels.

Whereas, as you go higher in the mountainous regions you may have to adjust on the basic services offered in the tea houses and lodges.

You can spend the night in a comfortable 5-star hotel even in the highest altitudes of the Everest region. Yes, it’s the Everest View Hotel, the 5-star hotel at highest altitudes in the world.

Wherever you go, the most popular food you will get is Dal, Bhat, and seasonal vegetables. Along with it, you will get to enjoy various continental dishes along with momo, chowmein, noodles. The food variety also depends on the remoteness of the place you are planning to travel.

Since the Government is planning to welcome 2 million tourists in the tourism year 2020, you may have difficulty in finding the desired rooms. For this early-bird booking is a must.

What to Wear in Visit Nepal 2020?

Which season are you planning to visit Nepal? It is based on the season you plan to travel the clothes you must carry and wear during the trip varies. Also, Nepal is a land of diverse topography. With the change in land topography, the temperature also varies. So, you must make a plan where you are planning to spend your vacation, when are you planning for the trip.

And, then you can decide what to wear. If you are planning to travel in the high altitude regions like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Langtang Valley, Manaslu Valley, and other such mountainous regions, then you must not forget to pack wisely.

Although you travel in summer, you must carry down jackets and warm clothing for such travels. Since the weather in mountains is subject to change you must not forget to carry along the seasonal clothes with the warm base layers.

But, if you are planning to travel to the lower altitude regions like Janakpur, Chitwan, Lumbini then you can travel in light clothes except in winter. You will feel hot temperature there so, light clothes will do. Also, do not forget to bring a high SPF sunscreen.

While in the hilly regions and in Kathmandu and Pokhara the temperature is quite moderate almost every time of the year. You feel neither much cold nor much heat. Depending on the time of your visit you can wear seasonal dresses. Also, there are enough shopping centers in Kathmandu and Pokhara where you can shop for necessary clothes in case you do not have the seasonal clothes.

Nepal is a country most favorable for visits. You can enjoy a variety of weather conditions within a small territory. You can simply decide where you want to travel and then dress accordingly.

But, wherever you travel, do keep in mind that Nepalese people are highly dedicated to their culture and traditions. So, make sure you wear those clothes that do not appear offensive or against the moral restrictions of the Nepalese society. Also, make sure you dress nicely when on public occasions.

Solo Trips in Nepal in 2020. Is it possible?

Yes, a solo trip is absolutely possible in Nepal in 2020.

There are many trek routes that are friendly for the solo trekkers in Nepal. But some of the trekking routes in the restricted areas do not allow solo trekking whenever you plan for it.

Plus, if you are planning to make trips to the Terai region of Nepal, then you can do independent the cultural trips and lifestyle explorations. But, for jungle safari solo trip is strictly forbidden.

So, before you plan treks in a certain place make sure to get detail information about the place. And check if you can trek solo or not in your preferred routes. Or, you can contact us for further info on the trek you choose.

For short treks around Kathmandu valley, or around the Pokhara valley, you are free to trek independently. You will find hundreds of by-passers and the locals en route to going with you. This way you will enjoy the rustic beauty and Nepali lifestyle to the fullest.

But, for the remote and high altitude treks, we recommend you to travel with a guide, porter, or porter-guide. This is for your safety and easy trekking. We suggest you join a group or register a licensed agency like us for the trek.

You are likely to encounter hundreds of other fellow trekkers in the route. No worries! Our licensed guide will make sure you get the most comfort and fun in the route.

They will also guide you to the less-crowded and peaceful trails. So, you do not have to fear the crowd disturbing your treks and bombing your photographs.

Mt .Everest

Tips to visit Nepal in 2020

Nepal Government is planning to attract around 2 million tourists in the Visit Nepal 2020. So, there is a high chance of finding the popular routes more crowded than usual.

Before you go on trekking you need to take care of a few things that will make your treks more fun-filled and memorable.

Here are a few tips you can follow to make sure you have an enjoyable trek:

  • Pre-book for the trekking agency like us to make sure you get the best packages at a reasonable price. We give priority to early-bird booking and deals. Also, if you book early, you will have the freedom of designing your itinerary. And we are ok if you do so.
  • Always trek through the less used and the alternate trails. So that you do not have to spoil your mood because of the crowds you encounter in the trails.
  • Pre-book for the food and accommodations in the trek routes. So that you do not have to compromise and compete for the cozy bed and rooms. Also, if you pre-book, price bargains is also possible on the routes.
  • Get travel insurance from your home country before coming to Nepal. It has many perks and ensures your safety as well as your belongings’. But before you choose the policy, make sure you choose the one that covers up to the height of 6000 meters. Plus, has an immediate helicopter evacuation service.
  • Always carry medical and personal hygiene kits in your bags during the trips in Nepal. Relying on the local health posts and fellow trekkers for such minor necessaries is not welcomed.
  • Carry along your water bottle and water purifiers. Buying water in the high altitude is quite costly. That's why you can refill water in the local taps and stream and make it drinkable by adding purifiers in it.
  • Pack wise! Pack light! Depending on where and when you are planning to make a trip.

why Visit with us ?

Why Visit with Us?

We are a Kathmandu-based Travel company with a team of experienced people who have a demonstrated history of working in the tourism field for more than a decade. Our team is well-knowledgeable about every trips and package we provide. These trips are well-planned asper our personal experience while visiting many nooks and cranny of Nepal. And with us, we have a team of the licensed guide and porters who will help to make your trip safe, sound, and most effective at the same time. Plus our team of professionals is ready to answer your queries and help you out at any time of the working hours.

And, in this world of competition, we charge you the most reasonable prices of the trips you opt for, along with the most memorable and comfortable trips. And, our trips are for everyone. Instead of targeting on specific age-group we have many family and group friendly trips where you can have much fun time with your near ones.

Most importantly, we are ready to customize the trip any time as per your preference and convenience. You can plan your own itineraries, choose guides and trekking equipment as per your preference.

And we are very careful not to affect the environment by our activities in any way. We have utmost respect to the diverse heritages, typical communities, the ethnic culture, and diverse ecosystem. We respect the diversity and help in promoting those unique beauties of Nepal without disturbing them.

To make your trip successful and comfortable in the Nepal Visit Year 2020, we are working, training our team to provide you the maximal benefits and services at the reasonable prices. ANd, we are thriving to plan the ideal trips and tour for you in many parts of Nepal. For this, do drop us a mail and pre-book for your tours and trips in Visit Nepal 2020.