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Bhutan is a small and beautiful Himalayan country. It is a perfect travel destination for any type of travelers and trekkers. So, Bhutan tour is an option for the explorers as well as the adventure-seekers.

Bhutan is a holy land for the Buddhist pilgrims and the monastery-lovers. It is famous for its incredible Buddhist practices, Monasteries, and Dzongs. The country is peaceful and clean. This creates a beautiful environment for touring and trekking in Bhutan.

The Bhutan Tour make perfect tours for you and your family. The tour is safe and sound with the views of the exotic Himalayas, mountains, and the dramatic landscapes.

There are some trekking and hiking tours that are popular in Bhutan. The incredible natural sights and cultural practices are amazing. Besides nature and culture, the warm and kind hospitality of Bhutanese people is amazing. You will love the welcoming nature of the Bhutanese people.

Enjoy the city sightseeing, day tours, trekking tours, and short Bhutan excursions with us. We can organize a remarkable tour for your whole family. For more details on this tour, contact us.

Some of The Best Bhutan Tours

Tiger Nest Monastery Tour in Bhutan

best bhutan tour

The Tiger Nest monastery is the most iconic attraction in Bhutan. It is a small collection of buildings on a cliff-side, 900 meters off of the ground. The Tiger Nest Monastery Tour is an ideal three-day tour. You’ll see the 17th-century monastery on this short tour. Also, you can witness the Bhutanese culture.

People in Bhutan say that Tiger's Nest Monastery is the birthplace of Buddhism in Bhutan. This place is extraordinarily beautiful. A first time trip to Bhutan is literally not complete without seeing the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. Even people on the short Bhutan tours make a visit here.

You will drive for about an hour from Paro to the foot of the hill. After the drive, the trail ascends on an uphill hike. Walking through an alpine forest with several steps is amazing. On this day, the hiking duration is about 2.5 to 3 hours.

Tourists can enter the monastery in prescribed times only. From October to March, the monastery remains open from 8 AM to 1 PM & 2-5 PM. From October to March, it remains open till 6 PM.

Highlights of Tiger Nest Monastery Tour

  • Tiger Nest Monastery itself. The monastery is a global cultural icon in Bhutan.
  • A three hour climb uphill through a beautiful forest of blue pine and rhododendrons.
  • Feel closer to nature, soak in the fresh air, and pristine green vegetation.
  • Guided visit to the various temples housing very sacred statues and relics.
  • Rejoice Spirituality.
  • Encounter the rare insight into the entire kingdom of Bhutan including Paro and Thimpu.
  • During March or April tours, you can enjoy a celebration of Tsechu, a popular festival held in honor of Padmasambhava.

Bhutan Festival Tour

Bhutan Festival Tour gives you an insight into the ancient Buddhist culture in Bhutan. Festivals are happy and colorful celebrations. In Bhutan, the religious festivals are also called as Tshechu.

People celebrate Tshechu in honor of Guru Rinpoche. Guru Rinpoche was a saint who introduced Buddhism in Bhutan. You can enjoy the festivals at Dzongs or at monasteries. The festivals last for 3 to 5 days in general.

During the festivals, the families and societies gather. This creates a livable environment. You can witness the Bhutanese festivals. You can see the traditional and finest clothes. The impressive colorful jewelry and corals are unique.

During festivals, Bhutanese people pass on mythical stories and spiritual beliefs via dance dramas. The festivals reveal their honors to Guru Rinpoche and other important Buddhist deities.

Trip Highlights of Bhutan Festival Tours

  • Visit the popular Bhutanese festivals like Thimphu Tsechu, Paro Tsechu, Punakha Tsechu, Jambay Lhakhang Drup, and Bumthang Ura Tsechu.
  • Witness the colorful dances of the Thimphu Tsechu Festival.
  • Witness the Bumthang Festival at Tamshing Monastery.
  • Learn about the ancient mythical stories and spiritual beliefs in Bhutan.

Some of the Popular Festivals in Bhutan are:

Thimpu Tsechu -A festival in honor of Guru Rimpoche.

Paro Tsechu -Biggest religious celebrations of Bhutanese year.

Punakha Tsechu -Colorful festival with typically masked dancers.

Thimpu Drupchen Tsechu -A famous one day festival in Thimpu.

Nomad Tsechu -Gathering of Bhutan’s nomadic highlanders. Cheerful celebrations of unique traditions and cultures.

Ura Yakchoe -Famous mask and folk dance performances in Ura valley.

Trongsa Tsechu -Held at the courtyard of Trongsa Dzong, the ancestral home of the Royal Family.

Dochula Druk Wangyel Festival -celebrates the victory of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo and the armed forces over Indian insurgent forces in 2003.

Bhutan Cultural Tours

bhutan cultural tour

Bhutan is a land that celebrates its ancient culture and traditions. The Bhutan Culture tour covers the exploration of different valleys. Some of them are Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Wangduephodrang, Gangtey Phobjikha, Trongsa, Bumthang, and Trashigang.

These valleys are rich in culture and cultural monuments. There are many sacred places, temples, Dzongs, Monasteries, schools, museums, and houses.

During this tour, you can discover the spirit of the Bhutanese people. You will get the closest view of the exotic culture and traditions in Bhutan. The cultural tour also includes a visit to popular sightseeing destinations.

You can also witness the wonderful artifacts of typical Bhutanese culture. Enjoy the cultural grandeur, history, and natural amazement.

Highlights of Bhutan Culture Tour

  • A precious opportunity to witness the land of cultural diversities and customs. Explore the remote and warm valleys. Witness the lifestyle of the people.
  • The delightful city of Thimphu. Visit interesting landmarks in Thimphu. Thimpu is the only capital city in the world where you won’t see traffic lights.
  • The most unique and beautiful Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan in Punakha.
  • Enjoyable cultural shows and festivals in Bhutan.
  • Beautiful Paro Valley. Must visit in the Paro Valley: Rinpung Dzong, Lhakhang Temple, and Drugyal Dzong.
  • Admirable Bhutanese hospitality. Immerse yourself in Bhutan’s rich Buddhist culture.
  • The tour showcases magnificent architecture, arts, and crafts in Bhutan. These are a significant part of the Bhutanese identity.
  • Visit the National Memorial Chorten
  • The Folk Heritage Museum, National Museum, and the School of Traditional Painting.

5 Nights 6 Days Bhutan Historical Tour

The 5 Nights 6 Days Bhutan Historical Tour is a tour where you can visit the different historical places in Bhutan. This is a guided tour where you’ll visit several Dzongs, national Library, Art and Craft Schools, and many other places.

Discover the rich and glorious historical myths of Bhutan. The essence of Buddhist traditions and culture is still alive in Bhutan. During this tour, you can witness the history of Buddhist practiced in Bhutan.

Trip Highlights of 5 Nights 6 Days Bhutan Historical Tour

  • Visit the beautiful monasteries. The architecture and the paintings around the walls in the monasteries are beautiful.
  • Visit the National Library and Museum. You can see the precious ancient books and writings there. Witness the collections of Thangkha paintings in the library.
  • Visit the glorious fort of Tashichho Dzong. Witness the Memorial Chorten. The Chorten is a memorable shrine of Late King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk.
  • Travel through Punakha and Paro. Stroll around the streets of Thimpu and witness the shops that sell art and artifacts.
  • Visit Punakha Dzong, a historical structure in Bhutan. Punakha Dzong is the oldest and largest Dzong in Bhutan.
  • A guided visit to Handicrafts Emporium and Memorial Chorten in Thimpu.
  • The Dochula Pass, 3080 meters. Enjoy the breathtaking views of six high mountains in Bhutan. They are Masagang 7158m, Tsendagang 6960m, Terigang 7060m, Jejegangphugang 7158m, Kangphugang 7170m, Zongphugang 7060m.

Bhutan Trekking Tours

bhutan trekking tour

Druk Path Trek

The Druk Path trek is a popular trek in Bhutan that starts in Paro. This trek takes you to the high Himalayas in Thimphu. The highest point on the trek is at 4200 meters. The trek passes through forests of pines and rhododendrons. During the trek, you will pass through many alpine lakes. These lakes are famous for large trouts.

You will see the mesmerizing views of Thimphu Valley and Mt. Gangkar Puensum 7570m. Mt. Gangkar Puensum is the highest peak in Bhutan. There is no one who has reached the summit of this peak, despite many attempts made.

Highlights of Druk Path Trek

  • Easy to moderate trek
  • Beautiful mountain scenery
  • The Alpine nature and the pristine ice lakes
  • Beautiful monasteries and villages on the way
  • Sightseeing in Paro and Thimphu

Snowman Trek

The Snowman is one of the most popular treks in Bhutan. This trek is one of the most difficult trekking routes in the world. This is a long trek which lasts for approximately 25 days.

The trek traverses between Bhutan and Tibet on the mountain borders. The trek starts in Paro and ends in Lunana. During the trek, you will explore 11 passes. You will reach the maximum elevation of 5230 meters at Gangla Karchung La. This is the tallest pass en route.

This trek is an isolated and remote trek. You will see only a few villages while trekking. Trekking in the Himalayas is an awesome experience.

The best time for Snowman Trekking is during October. This is the time right after monsoon and right before the high passes bury under lumps of snow.

Highlights of Snowman Trek

  • Adventurous trekking in the Himalayas
  • The high passes
  • The pristine valleys
  • Sightseeing in Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, and Wangdue
  • Stunning views of beautiful Himalayan peaks
  • Original village at Laya
  • Gasa hot springs

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

This is short and beautiful trekking in Bhutan. During this trek, you can see the fabulous alpine lakes. All these lakes are popular for local trout fishing.

Also, you can get sights of stunning peaks. During this trek, you can also see a distant view of Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world and Kanjenjunga.

During this trek, you can also do local trout fishing on your own. But for this, you need a license.

The highest point on the trek is at 4500 meters. During the trek, there are several ascents and descents that you must undergo. Walking over the intervening ridges is also difficult.

Highlights of Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

  • The traditional villages.
  • The camps of yak herders.
  • Witness the traditional life in the Himalayas.
  • The turquoise lakes that are famous for trout fishing.
  • Trout fishing at the lakes by yourself.

The Jhomolhari Trek

This trek is among the most popular trekking destinations in Bhutan. This is a moderate level trek. Anyone can do the trek with proper preparation and training.

This trek crosses over two high altitude passes in Bhutan. They are Bhonte La pass 4,890 meters and Tak-hung La Pass 4,520 meters. The trek route exhibits some of the spectacular views of Mt. Jomolhari 7,326 meters.

Mount Jomolhari makes the border between Bhutan and Tibet. It is also called the “Bride of Kangchenjunga”. The north face of Mt. Jomolhari is more famous for its beautiful views.

The Jomolhari Mountain Festival is a popular annual event. During this festival, the local people celebrate their local culture. The celebrations at the small villages near the base of Mt. Jomolhari is lovable.

Trip Highlights of The Jomolhari Trek

  • The great Mt. Jomolhari and it’s enchanting view
  • The Jomolhari Festival
  • The small and beautiful villages
  • The stunning views of Jomolhari north.
  • The culture and traditions of locals.

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