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Are you thinking of spending your holidays by touring in Bhutan? Do you want to go alone or with your family and friends? We, Index Adventure organize the best and reliable Bhutan tours for you.

So, how to book Bhutan tour with Index Adventure? Here are the steps for booking the Bhutan tours with us:

  1. Go to our site www.indexadventure.com.
  2. Open any of our Bhutan Package Tours.
  3. Scroll down the page till you see ‘Book This Trip’ on the left side just below the outline itinerary.
  4. Click on “Book This Trip”
  5. You will see a new Booking page.
  6. You will see some filling options. Fill them and click on the “Next” button.
  7. A new page will display. Scroll down till you see the filling options. Fill all the required information. Click on the “Confirm Booking” Button.
  8. Now, you’ve booked our tour.

how to book bhutan tour

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Our Best Bhutan Tour Packages

Short Bhutan Tour

short bhutan tour

The short Bhutan tour includes observing diverse nature, culture and traditions of Bhutan. This tour allows you to see the most of Bhutan in the shortest span of time.

During this tour, you will visit the capital city of Bhutan, Thimpu. You can visit the beautiful viewpoints like Thimpu Kuenselcholing View Point and the Buddha Point. You can also visit the Buddha Dordenma Statue. It is one of the biggest statues of Lord Buddha.

You will also visit some historical sites like the Memorial Chorten and the fortress of Tashichho Dzong. You may also hike to the Taktshang Monastery, also known as the Tiger’s Nest. This is a famous touristic site in Bhutan.

This tour is a beautiful chance to experience the culture, nature, and warm hospitality of the Bhutanese people.

Outline Itinerary: Short Bhutan Tour

Day 01 Arrival at Paro Airport after the drive to Thimpu (1hour 30 minutes’ drive). 2320 M.

You will arrive in Paro, the only airport in Bhutan. From there, you will drive to Thimpu, the capital city of Bhutan and tour around Thimpu.

Day 02: Drive to Paro

From Thimpu, drive to Paro and visit the popular historical and cultural sites. You can also hike to the Tiger’s Nest monastery. ( if you have sufficient time)

Day 03: Departure

Depart in a flight from the Paro Airport.

Note: The short Bhutan tour is customizable. We can organize the best tour for you, your friends, and families. Please Contact Us for any queries and further details.

Historical Bhutan Tour

Bhutan is a beautiful country with glorious history and culture. The Buddhist cultures and traditions in Bhutan are authentic. Bhutan has lots of remarkable historical monuments that reflects the art and architecture of the ancient ages.

During the Historical Bhutan tour, you will visit Thimpu and the fort of Tashichho Dzong. You can see the beautiful paintings craved around the walls of the Dzong. You will also visit the Memorial Chorten.

Visiting the national library is a beautiful experience. In the library, you’ll see the precious ancient books and writings. You will also see the collection of famous Thanka paintings.

This 5 night 6 days historical Bhutan tour takes you to beautiful cities of Punakha and Paro. In the Punakha valley, there is the Punakha Dzong. This Dzong is the oldest and largest Dzong in Bhutan. It is a remarkable historical structure.

In the historical tour, you can also enjoy the marvelous natural views in Bhutan. In a beautiful weather, you can also enjoy the splendid scenery of the high mountains and green hills.

Outline Itinerary: Historical Bhutan Tour

Day 01: Fly Paro and Drive to Thimpu

Fly to the only International airport in Bhutan, the Paro Airport. Drive to Thimpu, the capital city of Bhutan.

Day 02: Thimpu

Explore Thimpu. Visit some of the historical moments. Walk around the streets of Thimpu. Visit the shops that sells arts and artifects.

Day 03: Thimpu/ Punakha (75 Km, 3 Hours)/ Wangdue

Drive from Thimpu to Punakha and Wangdue. Visit the Punakha Dzong, a remarkable historical site in Bhutan. Visit other historical and cultural sites.

Day 04: Punakha - Paro (125 Km, 4 Hours)

Drive from Punakha to Paro. Paro is a beautiful valley. In spring, you will see abundant beautiful flowers blooming in the valley, visit the popular historical sites and walk around the beautiful city in Paro.

Day 05: Paro

Hike to the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery. This place is famous for its history and culture.

Day 06: Depart Paro

Fly from

Paro Airport to your home.

Note: We can organize the best tours to Bhutan for you, your friends, and families. Allow us to arrange a beautiful holiday tour to Bhutan. This tour is customizable. Contact us if you have interests in traveling with us.

Cultural Bhutan Tour

bhutan cultural tour

The cultural Bhutan tour is an opportunity to experience the beautiful culture of Bhutan. This tour aims to offer a beautiful cultural insight to the unique culture in Bhutan in a short time. Learn about the culture of Tibetan and Buddhist religion with us.

This 3 night 4 days Bhutan cultural tour takes you through the major cultural sites of Bhutan. During this tour, you will visit the Zilukha Nunnery. The Zilukha Nunnery is a beautiful monastery with prayer flags draped around. The monastery is a splendid peace to experience the spiritual and scenic aura. It houses more than 50 nuns.

You will also visit the Traditional School of Arts and Crafts. In this school you will see the keen Bhutanese people learning the traditional methods of paintings. You will enjoy the incredible Thangka Paintings there.

The Tashicho Dzong is also a point of attraction during this trek. This historical fortress lies on the base of lush green hills. This fortress operates as an attractive monastery. The three-storied tower and triple tiered golden roofs are stunning.

Visit the Taktshang Monastery, also known as Tiger’s Nest. This is a beautiful monastery with a unique historical and religious importance. You can rejoice the natural beauty of the country along with the cultural ones.

Despite having cultural uniqueness, Bhutanese people have a behavioral uniqueness as well. They are the most cheerful and most cordial people in the world. In this cultural tour with us, you can witness the splendid culture of Bhutan and its people.

Outline Itinerary: Cultural Bhutan Tour

Day 01: Arrival at Paro Airport after the drive to Thimpu (1hour 30 minutes’ drive). 2320 M.

Arrive at the Paro Airport. Drive to Thimpu via a private vehicle.

Day 02: Thimpu Sightseeing

  • Sight-seeing in Thimpu.
  • Visit the splendid cities.
  • Visit the famous touristic sites with cultural and historical importance.
  • Stroll around the clean and beautiful streets.

Day 03: Thimpu to Paro

Drive to Paro. Hike to the famous Tiger’s Nest monastery. Enjoy sight-seeing and walking in and around Paro.

Day 04: Departure

Fly back to your country with beautiful memories from the Paro airport.

Note: If you are interested in traveling with us, you can Contact Us. All our tours are customizable. Feel free to drop your suggestions or recommendations.

Tiger Nest Monastery Tour

The Tiger Nest monastery is also called as the Paro Taktsang or the Taktsang Palphug Monastery. This monastery is a popular buddhist sacred site in Bhutan. This monastery is famous for its history and geography.

This beautiful monastery sits above a cliff-side in the upper Paro valley. Bhutanese people believe that Buddhism spread in Bhutan from the monastery. A sacred saint Guru Ringboche meditated in a cave for 3 years in the cave where the monastery sits now.

The hike to the monastery is interesting. You will hike through the amazing hiking trails through the woods. After the hike, you will grab an enchanting view of the Paro valley from the top. The monastery and other small monuments have their own stories. Our guide will narrate them all.

This incredible tour in Bhutan includes the visit to some of the major sites around Paro. You can enjoy the walks around the cities. While doing so, you can also explore Bhutanese culture, tradition, and lifestyles of the people.

Outline Itinerary: Tiger Nest Monastery Tour

Day 01: Arrive in Paro and Transfer to a hotel.

Arrive in a hotel. We will help you transfer to a hotel.

Day 02: Tiger Nest monastery tour full day.

  • An incredible hiking to the Tiger Nest monastery.
  • Enjoy your hike and the sightseeing.
  • Visit the incredibly beautiful monastery.
  • Back to hotel.

Day 03: Departure

Drive to the airport for your onward destination.

Note: We can help you organize all kinds of tours in Bhutan. This tour is customizable. If you have a long vacation, we can extend the tour for you as per your interests. Contact Us. Let us know if you’ve any queries, suggestions, or recommendations for us.

Best Time for Bhutan Tours

best time for bhutan tour

We organize tours to Bhutan at any time of the year. However, the best time to visit Bhutan is from October to November. In Autumn, Bhutan sees lots of international travelers.

During this time, the weather is clear with blue skies. It is the best time to have beautiful photos with the loved ones, family and friends. This is a perfect time to see the black-necked cranes in the Phobjika Valley. These are a rare bird species that visit the valley on the way of their migration.

January and February are the coldest months in Bhutan. Due to the snowfalls, you may face occasional road closures during your tours. But the celebration of festivals like Losar will definitely warm you up.

March and April are warm and dry. The incredible valleys will burrow inside the bright colors of mesmerizing flowers. From May, temperature starts to rise. Also, the monsoon season begins in May, continues from June to September.

If you are a rain lover or you don’t mind the heavy monsoon rain, summer is a good time for touring in Bhutan. Another perk of touring in Bhutan in summer is there will be fewer tourists, thus lesser crowd. You will have your own private and peaceful time with nature.


Have you made your mind on travelling with us? Contact us If you are a person who prefers luxury, we can organize the best Bhutan luxury tours for you. We hope to see you soon on a tour with us.