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Everest Base Camp trek is one of the most popular and demanding treks in Nepal which have been on “to do lists” of many enthusiastic trekkers. Trekkers from all around the world have a dream to conquer the Everest Base Camp. Walking along some of the highest peaks in the world such as Mount Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Ama Dablam, Kanchanjunga, etc is a breathtaking moment to cherish forever.

Although the Everest Base Camp Trek is doable in every season, there are some best times of the year for trekking. Choosing the perfect time for trekking to the Everest Base Camp plays a vital role in determining the difficulty level of the trek. So, among all the months, November is one of the best time for the Everest Base Camp Trek.

November falls in the autumn season which is the peak season trekking in Nepal. The reason it has been popular is that the month offers you scenic beauty along with favorable weather and temperature in the Everest Region.

Therefore, November would a perfect time for you to trek to the Everest Base Camp. So, if you are planning no trekking to the Everest region, you can join us at Index Adventure. We promise you to make your trip to the EBC incredible and memorable.

Trip Highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek in November

  • The month offers a suitable temperature for trekking.
  • The trekking trials become beautiful along with the great mountain vistas during November.
  • Walking along some of the beautiful waterfalls, glaciers, icefalls, and rivers.
  • Visiting the oldest monastery of the Khumbu region, Tengboche monastery.
  • Hiking up to the Kala Patthar to have 360 views of the Himalayan ranges.

Weather and Temperature during EBC trek in November

Everest Base Camp Trek in November weather

November offers trekkers with suitable weather and temperature making the trekking experience easy and comfortable. November falls during the autumn season which is known to be the most popular season for trekking in Nepal.

During November, the weather and temperature of the Everest region range between 6-12 degrees during the daytime. The temperature decreases as you trek to the higher elevation. For example, the daytime temperature of Namche Bazar ranges between 2-9 degrees whereas the temperature of Gorakshep ranges between -6 to 2 degrees during November. At the end of November, the temperature becomes quite chilly and reaches up to -14 degrees too.

You can least expect rainfall in the month of November. November falls in post monsoon period so chances of rain are very low during this month. The weather is usually clear during November due to which you will have great visibility of the mountains such as the Everest, Lhotse, Thamserku and Ama Dablam.

Offering you clear weather and a stable temperature, Everest Base Camp Trek in November would be a unique experience. You might expect some snowfall in the higher elevations, but this will only make your trip exciting and adventurous.

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Why to Trek Everest Base Camp in November?

There are many reasons to trek to the Everest Base Camp in November. Let us discuss some of it in details.

Peak Season Trek

November falls in the autumn season, which is considered peak season in Nepal. During this time, you can find many trekkers trekking to the Everest Base Camp. Because of this, if you are trekking alone, you can always have someone along the trail to give you company.

As November is the peak season trek, you can find several teahouses and lodges along the way to the Everest Base Camp.

Brilliant Views

As we have mentioned above, November offers favorable weather and climatic conditions. As the weather and temperature are stable, the skies become clear. You will have a greater view of the mountains and overall scenic beauty.

The breathtaking views of the snow covered mountains look majestic as you walk along the way to the base camp. The spectacular views of the Khumbu Glacier are something that is to be captured on your camera. The scenic panoramic views from Kala Patthar will surely take your breath away.

Everest Base Camp Trek in November difficulty

Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty in November

No matter which time of the year you trek, Altitude Sickness is very common when it comes to Everest Base Camp Trek. Everest Base Camp Trek is a high altitude trek. The highest point of the trek is at Kala Patthar which sits at the height of 5545 meters.

Trekking up to the height of 5545 meters is not a joke. The oxygen level decreases as you move higher. This will cause you shortness in breathing and eventually result in Altitude Sickness.

Everest Base Camp Trek may be difficult if you are not used to walking for 7-8 hours a day. Physical strength is very necessary for EBC or you will not be able to walk. So, engage yourself in activities such as running, jumping, cycling or swimming.

One of the benefits of trekking in November is that you do not have to walk in the muddy and slippery trails like in monsoon season. The trails are usually dry with few uphill and downhill climbs.

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Food and Accommodation during Everest Base Camp Trek in November

During November, you can find plenty of teahouses and lodges along the way to the Everest Base Camp. So, finding proper teahouse and restaurants may not be a problem for you.

Remember, November is a peak season trek and most of the teahouses get packed. Because of this, you might not have an appropriate accommodation facility. You may have to share your accommodation as well. So, pre-booking your hotels and lodges is very important when trekking in November.

You will have some few choices in your food items. The most meal you will be served is “Dal, Bhat and Tarkar”, which is the traditional food of Nepal. Along with this, you will have varieties in food items such as pancakes, bread, egg, tea, coffee for breakfast. Pasta, noodles, porridge for lunch or dinner. You will have a few options in beverages from alcoholic to soft drinks.

Everest Base Camp Trek in November guide

Are Guides and Porters necessary for EBC Trek in November

Many trekkers prefer hiring a guide and a porter for EBC trek while some prefer trekking alone. If you were to listen to me, I would recommend you to hire one. As you know Everest Base Camp is a difficult Trek, you do not want to make it more challenging, carrying the heavy load behind your back without knowing the correct routes to the base camp.

Hiring a guide and a porter are always beneficial. You will always have someone who will guide you and motivate you to move further. The guide will also help you to interact with the local communities. With this, you will get to know a lot about the culture and lifestyle of the people living in the Everest region.

Likewise, hiring a porter means, you will have someone who will carry your bags for you. They can carry up to 10 -15 kgs of your bags. Both the Guide and Porter will make for EBC trek comfortable and less challenging. So, it’s totally up to you if you want to experience the advantages of hiring a guide and a porter or want a thrilling challenging EBC trek without hiring one.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour/Trek in November

The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour could be a great option if you have a shortage of time and want to spend less time on your trip to the Base Camp. Helicopter trek is luxury tours and is affordable if you are on a budget. This tour is suitable for the ones who want to avoid the difficulties of Trekking.

November would be the best time if you are planning on taking a helicopter tour to the Everest Base Camp. During November, the weather is clear and flying over the snow-clad mountains with the clear visibility of scenic beauty of the Everest Region becomes exciting.

Everest Base Camp Trek in November

Tips for the Everest Base Camp Trek in November

Pre-book your Trip

If you are planning on trekking to the Everest Base Camp in November, pre-booking your trip may be very important. November falls in the peak season, so there is a high chance of unavailability of your flights and packages. So, it would be better if you book early for a better itinerary.

Carry Appropriate Trekking Gear

During November, you may not have to carry too bulky clothes like during the winter season. Carry items that will be necessary for you. Hiking boots, trekking pants, first Ait Kit, Toiletries are some of the items you should not forget to pack.

Hydrate Yourself

To keep yourself hydrated, carry a water bottle with you. Fill and refill your bottle and drink if you feel tired. Remember, do not consume alcoholic beverages during your trek. This causes dehydration in your body.

Walk Slow

When trekking, do not feel the pressure of reaching the destination. It is better to walk slowly and steadily without rushing your way. You might hurt yourself while walking hurriedly. So take some rest between your trek and walk slowly.


Overall, there are several advantages of trekking to the Everest Base Camp in November. November not only provides you with a suitable environment for trekking but also an eye-catching scenic beauty of the Everest region. November can never go wrong when it comes to trekking. So, if you are planning on trekking to the Everest Base Camp in November, you have made the right choice.

If you want to know more regarding your trip, you can contact us at Index Adventure. We have been providing high-quality services to our customers along with well-experienced representatives. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get further information.