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When choosing to do your first peak climb there is a lot of choices out there. Especially if your time is limited to a few weeks’ vacations. So why not choose to achieve your first real summit with a trip of a lifetime? Nepal is the perfect option for those who want a grand adventure and to tackle their first peak with a professional company who can guide a safe and fun ascent. Imagine your first mountaineering opportunity will be in the Himalayan Mountains! One peak stands out best. Mera Peak is excellent for beginners, but it doesn’t have to be limited to the novice climber. It is also a great choice for seasoned climbers looking for a fun option in the Himalayan Mountains, especially if gaining some altitude is high on the list.

Mera Peak Climb

Mera Peak is the highest peak you can climb if mountaineering is a new venture. Sitting at 6,476 meters,Mera Peak is classified as a trekking peak. Trekking peaks, in general, mean that the climb requires little to no technical knowledge. Basically, they are long walks with rock scrambles, snow walking or both mixed together. The challenge in these peaks is most likely going to be the altitude. A good company will build in adequate time to ascend in elevation gradually, and for those coming with a solid base of physical fitness, trekking peaks should be attainable. There will be the use of crampons, ice axe, and fixed lines at times but again, a reputable company will have well-trained guides to teach basic use of the equipment and take some time to practice these skills. A bonus to enjoying these trekking peaks is if you come with some working backcountry knowledge. This means you have spent time backpacking and navigating a wilderness terrain. A few days of backpacking with uneven terrain and lightly trodden trails can suffice. Also, if you want to have a leg up on climbing terms, and feel how it is to use a harness and work with ropes, take an afternoon at your local climbing gym. They will often have a class to introduce new climbers on how to use a harness and rope and the terminology associated with it.

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Peak Climbing In Nepal time of year is a bit more crucial to have great views, and steady conditions to achieve your best experience. September through November is fall in Nepal, and the skies are generally clear, temperatures are not terribly cold, and snow is stable. Springtime, March through May is also an excellent time to visit, as the famous rhododendron forest come alive with the burst of spring. Considering the weather is a large component of climbing, not only because you want weather that will allow you to actually climb, but also the views are part of the reason people choose to climb in Nepal. And they are incredible! From the summit of Mera Peak, many great summits can be seen. Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Makalu, and even Kanchenjunga far to the east are visible, they all are 8,000 meters or above peaks.

Mera Peak Climbing In Nepal

As stated before a good basis of physical fitness for any trekking or climbing in Nepal will afford you the highest opportunity for fun, instead of a nightmare of aches and pains. Taking time to build a strong foundation is important and you will need to give yourself at least 6 to 8 weeks of a consistent fitness routine. A mix of strength building and endurance can be helpful. Talking to a certified trainer at your local gym who can give you guidance as to how to build strength, and endurance is an excellent way to prepare. There are lots of helpful websites available too, just makes sure they are all from qualified guiding companies or trained professionals.

Peak Climb In Nepal

Climbing your first peak can be and is an exciting prospect. Doing it in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal is altogether a lifetime achievement. One not to be missed, and is obtainable for almost anyone with a little work, and a lot of heart. Index Adventure is organizing and managing peak climbing in Nepal for a long time and has an expert members of mountaineer and high altitude climber. To know more about Mera Peak Climbing call us at +977 9851167996 or contact us.